Auto Body Repair: How to Fix Your Car for Cheap

January 27, 2012

Auto body repair and how to fix your car for cheap is relatively easy to accomplish. If you choose to find ways to repair a car that has been involved in an accident or has been damaged cheaply, you are guaranteeing a more expensive repair later on. Cheap auto body repairs, by their very name, means that you are seeking ways to cut corners and do the least required to adequately ensure the safe working of your car.

Finding Less Expensive Auto Body Repairs

What is more appropriate to consider is finding ways to fix a damaged car for less and ways to save money on most required repairs. The cost of auto body repair, which is not cheap, varies depending on the type of repair required. This could be several hundreds of dollars to several thousands. The extent of damage done to the car will dictate how expensive or inexpensive the work will be.

Obtain a Cost Estimate

The first thing that you need to do in order to determine how to fix your car for less (and not cheaply) is to get a cost estimate. Most every auto body shop will provide a free estimate on auto body repairs that need to be performed. It is best to obtain at least 3 estimates in order to compare costs and determine what repairs are necessary.

Ask about the Necessity of a Repair

On the question of determining which repairs are necessary, you should ask questions about what is necessary and what is required. For example, a vehicle accident that damages a majority of the car will require extensive structural and cosmetic repairs that may be unavoidable. A minor accident may produce an unsightly dent that may be ugly to look at but not affect the safe functioning of the car. You can determine whether or not it is worth the investment to repair the minor auto body damage but are left with little choice regarding major repairs.

Buying Comparable Replacement Parts

Ask about the parts needed for the repair. Where possible, used parts and those recycled at an auto salvage or junkyard may be just as good as a new or original part. As long as the replacement part works and does not result in further repairs, it is an area that can help to reduce your costs and make the auto body repair less expensive.

Purchasing Vehicle Repair Coverage

You may also look to invest in vehicle repair coverage that is sold. This coverage, which is a form of insurance, pays for the cost of auto body repairs without any out-of-pocket expense for you. You obtain the coverage prior to an accident and shift the risk of repair from you and your car insurance company to the company willing to accept the repair risk.

There are other ways to repair your car for less by simply being a smarter consumer and asking appropriate questions regarding auto body repair. Asking questions and comparing quotes will reduce your expenses and help you avoid settling for "cheap" repairs that result in a higher end cost.

Related Questions and Answers

What are Some Beginner Easy DIY Auto Body Repair Projects?

Being interested in automobiles is a great hobby, so get started with a simple DIY auto body repair and you should be happy with results after proper research. Do not try to save a car that has been in a big accident, but concentrate on a car that has been dented in a minor accident. In this DIY auto body repair job, you should not damage the functioning of the car if you do something wrong. Purchase or rent a puller or plunger for the DIY auto body repair job of removing the dent, then get a spray painter to make the car look new again. These tools should not cost more $300.

Is Fiberglass Auto Body Repair a Reasonable DIY Project?

Once you have mastered an auto body repair, you may be feeling more confident, but do not be fooled into thinking that you can achieve a fiberglass auto body repair as easily. Fiberglass auto body repair is the type of job best undertaken in a workshop with professionals, as it is a complicated process involving resin, catalyst and fiberglass matte products. Along with the fiberglass materials, there are also sand paper materials and glazing putty to reduce air bubble pinholes that are problematic and will affect the final result. Fiberglass auto body repair can fail horribly if it is a DIY project, and the potential damage will be costly to fix.

Where Can You find Wholesale Auto Body Parts in Person?

When you undertake a project to fix a dent or damage to a car, there are various suppliers that specialize in wholesale auto body parts. or you can just look are recycled parts at an auto salvage or junkyard. Examine the part needed and be specific when replacing it. Items such as headlights, antennae and bearings are available at these stores. Many websites have places where you can obtain an online quote and this is much easier than visiting wholesale auto body parts supply shops in person. Know the make and model of the car and the exact part required before shopping around. Along with wholesale auto body parts, there are good second hand products available.

Can You Buy Used Auto Body Repair Supplies from Car Shops?

Recycled or used auto body repair supplies can be purchased from car shops, but ensure that they have been tested and approved. The other problem is that your insurance may not cover used parts, so investigate this before purchasing used auto body repair supplies. Places like Automotix specialize in used auto body repair supplies such as engine parts, bumpers, mirrors, fenders and transmissions, and even offer a warranty. Shop around for the best deal and supplies, but remember that most repair jobs must be done professionally, unless it is a small job like replacing a mirror.

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