Average Transmission Repair Cost Based on Auto Type

March 13, 2012

The differences in transmission repair cost from one vehicle to another can be dramatic. See manual and automatic transmission repair prices on 4 cars.

Transmission Repair Specialists

The Auto Warranty Group has estimated that the average transmission repair cost is around $1900. However, transmission repair on specialty or luxury vehicles can often be much higher.

  • Mercedes. Repairs on the automatic transmission of the Mercedes C-Class can run as high as $6000 for a complete overhaul. Manual transmission repair is generally less expensive, and would be around $1500 for the Mercedes
  • BMW. BMW transmission repair can range from $400 to $900 for a manual transmission and $4050 for an automatic transmission
  • Chevrolet. Chevy is a much more mainstream brand, and as such, the transmission repair costs are generally less expensive. For example, the replacement of the Chevy Cheyenne transmission system comes in at $1780, while the newer Chevy Malibu costs $3000
  • Nissan. The cost of a transmission system for Nissan is around $2500 for a 4x4, while parts yards may sell it for around $1800. The manual transmission system for a Nissan costs around $1700

The repair costs include the labor charges and supply charges at a garage, which can be around $300 or more over the price of the transmission system alone. Find a good mechanic so that the job is well done for the price that you pay for the transmission system. Warranty deals and free service are other factors to consider when searching for a new transmission system. Scrapping or selling the old transmission could help you recover some of the money invested in a new one.

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What Comes in Automatic Transmission Overhaul Kits?

Different manufacturers make special automatic transmission overhaul kits for cars. You will have to check with spare part sites to find the right kit for your car model. Please note that although there are a few basic inclusions in every kit, the actual contents will vary according to cost and car models. For example, most kits will contain detailed instructions, and paper and rubber products for cleaning the transmission, o-rings seals, several kinds of metal seals and gaskets, clutch steels, filters, pan gaskets, o-rings, and clutch frictions. Ensure that you specify the model and transmission type you want before you buy the kit.