Best Bargain on Diesel Oil Change

January 27, 2012

If you are looking for a bargain on a diesel oil change, remember that diesel fuel cost is always at least a little higher than traditional petroleum. For this reason, a diesel oil change is always a little more expensive than for a gas powered car. Because you own a diesel rig, you want it to last, so you probably don't want to buy cheap diesel oil. Finding the cheapest gasoline or diesel is a matter of driving around town and comparing prices. For oil changes, however, you want quality over thrift. Almost all oil companies distill diesel from crude oil, so run through the list and determine which brand is right for you.

  • Chevron DELO 400: designed for turbocharged and supercharged diesel engines ranging from big rigs to tractors--including turbo diesel consumer trucks
  • Shell Rotella-T: available in 15W40, SAE30 and SAE40, made to withstand the work a diesel engine goes through. It's suitable for passenger cars and trucks as well as marine vehicles
  • Amsoil: a synthetic diesel choice that can run a diesel engine for many thousands of miles. It comes in 15W40 and 5W40 varieties and is an excellent lubricant for hardworking engines
  • Mobil: Mobil 1300 Delvac Super diesel oil is top of the line diesel oil, with drain intervals of up to 5000 miles, it is high performance and meets all emission guidelines

These are just a few of the diesel oil options you have. When you drive a diesel, you do so probably because you know the rig will give you a long life if you take care of it. The proper diesel motor oil is one of the most important areas of concern for any driver, but especially for one who might get 5000 or more miles out of one oil change.