Best Prices for Name Brand Motor Oil

January 12, 2017

When it's time for an oil change for your car or truck, you'll want to try to find the best oil for your vehicle at the best price. So, here's a quick list of places to find the best prices on quality brand-name motor oil.

Major Retailers

If you're looking for popular brand-name motor oils such as Castrol, Pennzoil and Mobile 1, try retail giants like Target and Wal-Mart. They generally have very good prices on the motor oils that they carry and purchasing oil at these could these locations is very convenient.

Wholesale Shopping Clubs

Wholesale membership clubs like Sam's Club and Costco also carry many popular brands of oil at very reasonable prices. Therefore, if you have a membership to one of these wholesale clubs, you can save a lot of money on motor oil purchases.

Specialty Oil Purchases

If you're searching for a specialty synthetic oils such as Amsoil, you'll definitely want to go to an authorized dealer to find these types of oils as they generally offer the best prices for them.

Related Questions and Answers

How Can You Figure out Your Engine Oil Specifications?

Your engine oil specifications are stated in the owner's manual. For most passenger cars and trucks, any oil that meets the American Petroleum Institute standards is acceptable for use in your car. API sets a standard for the viscosity of the oil too, and most engines use multi viscosity 5W-30 for all cars. There are many different varieties, like synthetic oils, petroleum oils and even mix blends that combine both. Before you use any new oil in the car, remember to check with the original car manufacturer so it does not affect your car's running.

Are there Dangers to Changing from Synthetic to Regular Oil?

If you are planning to change your synthetic to regular oil, then it is a very good idea. Synthetic oils have produced to be a really popular choice because they don't contain contaminants, and do not cause buildups inside the car engine. The oil also breaks down much slower than natural oil due to its higher viscosity. The oil can also lubricate the engine at higher temperatures as compared to natural oils. There is usually no problem with switching between a natural oil to a synthetic one, but do consult with your owners manual before you proceed to protect your car.

How often should You Get an Oil Change Using Synthetic Oil?

An oil change of synthetic oil really depends on your vehicle. Most synthetic oils run through the filter of your car, and your car is a really bad filter. Once the oil gets dirty, there is nothing much that you can do with it. A few types of vehicles are also much harder on oils as compared to other vehicles. Take a look at your engine dipstick to get an idea of how the oil appears. As a rule of thumb, conventional oils last for 5,000 miles, and synthetics can easily run for 10,000 miles or more. A few of the high end models also have an OIL REMINDER light that indicates the time for a change. Make sure that you use the same kind of oil though to protect your car.