Most Recent Car Lighting Repair Articles

  • Four Benefits of Projector Headlights

    When you are looking at the choices for different kinds of headlight styles, you may be wondering what projector headlights bring to the table. Within…

    November 05, 2013
  • HID Headlight

    How to Install Aftermarket HID Headlights

    HID headlights are quickly becoming the new standard headlights. Learn how to get brighter beams in your own car by installing HID headlights yourself.

    March 01, 2012
  • Car Fuse Panel Detail Car Fuse Panel

    How to Detect and Replace a Blown Fuse

    Before seeing a mechanic if your car won't start, consider testing for a blown fuse and replacing it. Learn how to locate, check, and replace…

    February 27, 2012
  • A Car's High Beam

    How to Brighten Your Car's High Beam

    High beam headlights can never be too bright. Find out more about bulb upgrades, headlight aim, replacement lenses and HID conversion.

    February 17, 2012
  • Fog Lights

    How to Repair Broken Fog Lights

    Fog lights don't always require outright replacement when something goes wrong. Find out when you can change the bulb, lens assembly, fuse or switch.

    February 17, 2012
  • What are the Best HID Bulbs for the Most Visibility?

    The best HID bulbs for visibility are around 4300k. As the temperature goes up on HID bulbs, the visibility declines, but the color changes to…

    January 27, 2012
  • How to do an LED Headlight Conversion

    Since LED headlights are substantially brighter than regular headlights, LED can save money through less accidents. But what if your motorcycle or car doesn't have…

    January 27, 2012
  • How to Aim Your Headlights

    Just like any other system in your car, your headlights are a complex system that should be properly tuned and maintained. Everyone knows that all…

    January 27, 2012
  • How to Replace a Faulty Turn Signal Relay

    If your car's turn signals don't blink, it may be the turn signal relay. Fortunately, this car repair is one of the easiest you can…

    January 27, 2012
  • How to Tell if You Have a Faulty Turn Signal Relay

    A turn signal relay is the electrical apparatus that governs your turn signal. You will be able to tell if you have a problem with…

    January 27, 2012