The Best Tire Inflators Compared

January 27, 2012

Emergency tire inflators can get you back on the road after a flat. With a tire inflator and a plug kit, you can get to a service station to have the tire patched permanently. There are more tire inflators available than are listed here, but this article offers a good start when you are seeking to compare models and gain information.

Superflow MV50
This model can fill one tire to between 10 and 35 psi in approximately 4 minutes, 5 seconds. To fill four tires to the same pressure takes just under 17 minutes. Filling tires to a higher pressure heats up the tire to a maximum temperature of 242 degrees. This is quite hot considering the close proximity with which you work and the danger of a blowout, however, the Superflow MV50 is one of the least expensive, at just under $25.

The Viair fills one tire to the same 10 to 35 psi in 3 minutes, 17 seconds, and four tires in a little over 15 minutes. This model reaches a maximum temperature of 161 degrees when pushed to the limit, filling a tire to 80 psi. It stayed cooler and took the exertion better than the Superflow. The Viair tire inflator is listed around $230 making it much more expensive than its competitor.

Tire Inflator Kits
If you only want a cheap tire inflator without any other accessories, consider buying the Fix-A-Flat Tire Inflator with Hose. It's available for a price of $6 online. If you want to purchase a kit, look for the Slime Smart Repair 15 Minute Emergency Tire Repair Kit. It comes equipped with a portable air compressor and a tire sealant.