Determining the Size of a Spark Plug Socket in your Car

February 24, 2017

Deciding on the size of the spark plug socket is vital in changing the spark plugs, to ensure proper operation of the vehicle. If you install new spark plugs, you will give your vehicle the chance to run more efficiently and achieve much higher gas mileage. The basic idea behind changing the spark plugs is that. If your car uses old ones, it is actually robbed of proper and efficient operation. Most people are not exactly aware of what the spark plugs do. Basically, the spark plugs ignite the compressed gas that goes into the engine cylinder. They act like lighters, using a spark created by the ignition coil. Changing the spark plugs will make this job much faster and easier. But before changing them, you need to determine their proper size. Here is how you can do it in a few easy steps:

Step 1 – Find Out the Type of Spark Plugs

Before you visit the local auto parts store to buy the spark plug socket you need, you have to find out the type of your plugs. Once you know the type that suits your vehicle the best, you need to find out the proper spark plug socket size. Not all plugs are the same size. There are the common spark plug sockets used with a common-sized spark plug socket wrench which are very popular and used in many different types of cars. But you cannot be really sure that your vehicle uses these. You should find out the type of the socket and then check the size.

Step 2 – Finding Out the Spark Plug Socket Size

Most spark plug sockets feature a hex head which allows you to get a wrench on the socket when the plugs are not easily reachable. Inside the plugs there is also a sort of rubber bootable to protect the insulator of the sparks, helping you grip the plugs and pull them out of their socket when needed. You can measure the size of the socket, boot, and wrench so as to know what to buy. Even better, you can remove the spark plugs and take them with you to the local store and show them to the salesperson, (who is definitely more experienced than you,) so they can show you the type and size of spark plug socket you need. Keep in mind that most car models made from 1965 to 1999 were using the 13/16’’ socket – including Bosch, Champion, Lodge, NGK and more.

Extra Tip

If you wish to remove the existing spark plug socket and take it with you to the auto parts expert, you should probably have a pocket-sized magnetic tool, which will help you remove the spark plug in no time. The right tools will save you a lot of time and headache as well.

Moreover, when determining the type and size of the socket, you should also decide on whether you need a deep well or a standard spark plug socket. If you are unsure of what to buy, you can always consult with the staff of your local store.

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