Floor Jack Buyer's Guide

January 27, 2012

There are multiple types of floor jacks, and when purchasing a floor jack there are a number of factors that will need to be considered before purchasing. The most common of floor jacks is the aluminum jack. This floor jack is the most common because of the price and the versatility of the jack. This jack can be stored in trunks without the hassle of taking up to much space which makes it ideal for small compact cars.

The aluminum jack is quite simple to use. At the back of the jack is where you will place the attachment that is used to jack up the car. You will insert the metal rod into the back of the jack and crank it clockwise to jack up the car and when you have reached the right height you will then remove the rod and then once you have finished working on the car you will then reinsert the rod and turn counter clockwise to lower the car back down. These floor jacks are best when doing a simple task on your car such as a oil change or when attempting to change your tire.

Another common type of floor jack is the bottle jack. The bottle jack can be used for just about any purpose. The most common use however is for changing tires. To use the bottle jack floor jack you will place in the appropriate location on your vehicle and place the rod that jacks the car up in the pump location and will then lower and raise the rod to adjust the height of the car. This jack might be simpler for some to use than the aluminum jack.

You will want to use this type of a lift when doing a oil change on your vehicle. These lifts are easy to use and quite manageable for doing certain tasks. You will need to know the right locations on your vehicle when attempting to use a jack. If not using the jack correctly and placing the jack in the wrong location you could cause damage to your vehicle. All these points should be considered before attempting any task on your vehicle and you should always have someone present with you in the event that the car might move off from the jack. If the car is not jacked up correctly not only could the vehicle get damaged but the car could move off from the jack and hurt someone underneath the car.

A jack stand can be used when using a jack. A jack stand is a tripod type of tool that will be placed under the vehicle under the frame so in the instance that the car might shift and come off the jack the jack stand will catch the vehicle and avoid damage to the vehicle or stop someone from being hurt from the car falling. This would be a good idea when purchasing a floor jack. You should always check the weight rating's when purchasing a jack and a jack stand to be sure that the vehicle is the correct weight for the jack and the jack stand.

Related Questions and Answers

Which Brands of Floor Jacks are Made in the USA?

If you are looking for a floor jack made in the USA, there is a long list of manufacturers that you can choose from. A complete listing is too extensive, so here are two of the more popular USA based companies. The Sears Craftsman brand is well regarded by consumers and they are made in the United States. These jacks are used by both professionals and people doing auto repair at home. On a more professional level, Hein-Werner is a brand that is well reviewed by both industry experts as well as customers. Their floor jacks are mainly used by professionals in the automotive repair industry.

What is the Highest Ton Adjustable Floor Jack You can Buy?

An adjustable floor jack makes use of hydraulics to lift heavy vehicles such as cars and trucks. These jacks lay flat on the floor during use. They come in different ratings which refers to the tonnage they are capable of lifting. The most common floor jacks are rated at two to four tons, but you can buy jacks that lift up to 20 tons. These types of jacks are mainly used by professionals. Floor jacks make easy work of lifting a vehicle off the ground. They are mainly used for tire changes and other repairs to the underside of vehicles.

Who are the Most Popular Hydraulic Jack Manufacturers?

The answer to the the question, 'Who are the most popular hydraulic jack manufacturers?' really depends on the type of jack you are looking for. If you need a basic car floor jack to be used at home to lift passenger cars or trucks, then the Craftsman brand is well reviewed by both industry experts and customers. If on the other hand you are looking for a more professional hydraulic jack that is capable of lifting heavy equipment or trucks, Gray USA makes an extensive line of hydraulic jack and lift products. These jacks are mainly used by professionals servicing large vehicles.

Do I Need to Bolt Down Auto Floor Jacks?

The majority of auto floor jacks do not have to be bolted down to the floor. If you are using a heavy tonnage floor jack and lifting an extremely heavy vehicle, it may be a good idea to bolt it to the floor. Floor jacks are designed to be mobile and easy to move around. Bolting them to the floor would negate the convenience of the jack. Hydraulic lifts on the other hand need to be bolted to the floor. These are used to lift an entire vehicle off the ground. Lifts are expensive and only used in professional repair shops.

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