Four Benefits of Projector Headlights

November 5, 2013

When you are looking at the choices for different kinds of headlight styles, you may be wondering what projector headlights bring to the table. Within the range of headlamp options available, projector headlights, developed for the market a couple of decades ago, use competitive technology to provide for strong, focused light.

  1. Accurate Light Dispersal - Many argue that the elliptical reflectors in the projector headlight housing design are a powerful way to get a focused beam and cut down on "scatter loss" on the road.
  2. Style Accommodation - Those who are advocates of the projector headlight point out that using this kind of headlight can enhance the look of the vehicle's front end and give it more class. Parts of the motorcycle driving community especially like the projector headlight for use on bikes.
  3. Lens Based Car Lighting - As the traditional parabolic reflector style of headlight began to give ground to newer lighting technologies, projector headlight design became part of the set of headlamp options that make use of lens positioning to provide great setups for night driving.
  4. OEM or Aftermarket Projector Lights - The popularity of projector headlights in the American marketplace means many providers will be offering both factory-direct and aftermarket choices for these kinds of lamps. Look at distributor catalogs to see what kind of positioning projector headlight products get within a full range of headlight offers.

These are some of the finer points on why many drivers consider projector headlights for their vehicles, either a a factory direct option or for ordering from an aftermarket customization catalog.

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Related Questions and Answers

What are the Average Prices of Projector Headlight Bulbs?

Projector headlight bulbs are expensive. The cost will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle, but expect to pay between $200-$400 for a bulb. In many cases, the entire headlight can be replaced with a used, but still working bulb for less money. Projector headlights are found on more high end vehicles and often installed as aftermarket parts. They are highly regarded for their looks as well as performance. They reduce light scatter, making the beam more focused and lighting the roadway, and not the surrounding area. While the bulbs last for a fairly long time, they are extremely expensive to replace.

Are Blue HID Bulbs Illegal in Some States?

Yes, blue HID bulbs are illegal in many states. The higher the temperature on a HID bulb, the bluer the color. It is best to stick to 6000k or below when it comes to these bulbs. You should also check the laws in your state regarding HID bulbs in general, and the bluish color they can put out. In the blue spectrum of vision, eyesight is actually decreased, so a completely, or mostly blue bulb can be dangerous. In some states, the fear is that a blue bulb will be mistaken for a police car. While these bulbs are illegal in many states, enforcement of the law is often sporadic.

Are Pink Headlights Legal on Vehicles?

No, pink headlights are illegal in all states. All states require that a vehicle have headlights that emit a white or amber color. The slightly bluish color that is emitted from factory installed HID lights is in most cases, legal. There is a number of reasons that pink, or other colored headlights are illegal. The main reason is that they are dangerous. They would not light the road correctly, creating dangerous driving conditions for you and the people you share the road with. They are also distracting to other drivers. Under no circumstances should you install colored headlights on a vehicle you drive on public roads.

Are there any Laws Regarding Custom Car Lights?

Yes, there are laws regarding custom car lights. Before you install any kind of aftermarket custom lighting kit, you should check with local law enforcement in regards to the laws of your state. In most cases, colored lights would be illegal. A vehicle must have headlights that emit a white or yellow light. All other colors, excepting the bluish-white light emitted by HID lights installed at the factory, would be illegal. HID lights are common on high end autos. They are also sold as an aftermarket kit that can be installed on most vehicles. If you have HID lights installed, you should keep the bulb temp below 6000k to ensure the lights are considered legal.

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