Halo Spark Plugs Truths: Does it Really Increase Your Fuel Economy (MPG)

January 27, 2012

Halo spark plugs are unique spark plugs that use a specific technology to improve the fuel economy of your car. Rising gasoline prices can strain your finances, but the use of Halo spark plugs can help you save a significant sum of money on fuel bills.

Halo Spark Plugs

Halo spark plugs use a 360-degree firing technology which not only reduces gas consumption, but also reduces toxic emissions and improves engine performance. The plugs are made of high quality materials and are long lasting. Halo Spark plugs are expensive when compared to those manufactured by other companies, but they come with a 3 year/50,000 mile warranty and soon pay for themselves with the money saved on gas. The gas mileage is increased by 10 percent, the toxic emissions are reduced by 20 percent and the horsepower and torque of the engine are boosted by 5 percent. Improved engine performance is reflected in quicker acceleration, better throttle response and longer engine life.

Veracity of Claims

Although there are numerous rumors about a spark plug scam, the manufacturers of Halo spark plugs don't make dubious claims and this is borne out by the popularity of the brand. Halo spark plugs are used extensively by city organizations, police departments and schools for their fleets of vehicles. A review of Halo spark plugs given by the city of Little Rock, Arkansas Fleet Maintenance Manager expresses complete satisfaction with the performance of the plugs. The manager reports that an increase of 11.5 percent in the fuel efficiency of their fleet was observed after Halo spark plugs had been installed. The city of Little Rock is projected to save $225,000 annually on fuel costs. Since these savings are coupled with lower emissions, the increasing popularity of Halo spark plugs can be easily understood.

Expert Opinions

The firing technology of Halo spark plugs ignites the air/fuel mixture faster than conventional spark plugs. Experts state that quicker combustion results in more efficient combustion, which in turn improves fuel economy. In conventional spark plugs, the flame kernel is blocked. This is not the case with Halo spark plugs and the spark generated travels upward, unimpeded through the ring into the combustion chamber. This is the reason for the quicker ignition of the air/fuel mixture and for the rapid and efficient combustion. The Fleet Services Director of the city of Hot Springs also tested Halo spark plugs on police cars and the city's pickup trucks. It was observed that the fuel efficiency of these vehicles improved by 10.8 percent and emissions were greatly reduced.

Taking into account all the reviews and expert opinions, it can safely be stated that although Halo spark plugs are costly, they are good value for money. Some car owners have not found any significant improvement in fuel efficiency but considering the increasing use of these plugs in vehicles owned by government departments, the manufacturer's claims can be given due credit.

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