How to Clean Clogged Fuel Injectors

January 27, 2012

Clogged or dirty fuel injectors can cause a wide variety of engine problems including a sub-par fuel economy, loss of engine performance, care breakdowns or poor emissions. When fuel injectors become clogged fuel doesn't flow and the injector will not spray fuel in the pattern in which they are designed for. There are two different ways to clean fuel injectors. The first is to remove them from the car and clean them and is by far a more complex and time-consuming process. The second way is to clean the fuel injectors while they are still in the engine and is by far a much easier process and is usually sufficient. A third option to consider is to run a cleaner through the injectors when the engine is running. This may remove many of the deposits on the injectors and make the process of cleaning them a bit easier later on. For the time being we will focus on cleaning the injectors without removing them from the engine.

To begin you should turn off the engine and open the hood in order to locate your fuel injectors. You may need a reference guide or engine repair manual in order to locate where the fuel injectors are located in your engine. This process also requires the use of pressurized equipment. This equipment is used to feed solvent into the injectors when the engine is running. Hook up the pressurized equipment to the injectors. This will allow you to spray solvent into the injectors as the engine runs. To do this you either have to disable the fuel pump and plug the fuel line or install what is called a U-tube. A U-tube allows the fuel to cycle back into the tank. It should be noted that fuel lines are pressurized and care should be taken when disconnecting them. Disabling the fuel pump can often set off a warning in your cars computer. This may require you to reset the code when you are finished.

Once the equipment is hooked up and the fuel pump is disabled you can start the vehicle. Run the pressurized solvent through the fuel injectors. Once finished you can shut off the engine. Next reconnect the fuel lines and the fuel pump then restart the engine. You may not notice any improvement. If that is the case you should re-run the entire process. There may be some build up and clogging that you cannot get rid of by this process. If this still fails to alleviate the process you will be forced to remove the injectors and clean them manually.

Manually cleaning your injectors is a job best done by a professional service station and typically this service takes less than an hour to perform. Most service shops charge well under $100 to perform this type of maintenance. The money you spend on this service will help ensure you engine is running at peak performance while maintaining optimal gas mileage. 

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