How to Find Good Used Tires for Sale

January 27, 2012

Lots of drivers have been told that they can save big money buying used tires, but how can you be sure that this alternative will not compromise your safety on the road or leave you with an inferior product? Some general tips apply to getting the best used tires around.

  • Become your own used tire expert - When it comes to buying used tires, there is no substitute for a thorough visual inspection. Buyers should take time to look at a variety of common tire problems like bubbles, scalloping, or uneven wear, and then apply their knowledge to each set of used tires they consider. Lots of tire problems are evident to the trained eye.
  • Revisit the same shops - There may be a whole lot of used tire shops in any given neighborhood. Some of them will sell anything, and some will be more choosy. When you return to the shop several times, you will start to see the overall quality of what they present to buyers. This doesn't mean you can skip your thorough visual inspection, but it does mean that you can learn more about what you can expect when you walk in the door.
  • Look at the entire package - Aside from inspecting the tires, including the sidewalls, tread, and the interior surface of each tire, you can also get clues about a used tire shop by looking at their calibration package. Any tires that you buy, whether new or used, will need to be aligned and balanced so that they last a long time on the road. Skipping these procedures leads to bad wear patterns and short tire life. Some shops provide good service, others bamboozle buyers with upsells and poor quality service. Talk to shop reps about what they provide for helping you get the most out of your purchase.

The above tips will help drivers profit from buying used tires to keep their vehicles on the road longer for less money.

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The answer to this question is that 'it depends' on the services fleet insurance written into a fleet's policy. For example, fleet insurance could offer free roadside assistance, a free loaner if your fleet vehicle is tied up, free maintenance at fleet-approved repair facilities and substantial savings on further purchases, using the fleet program, or for a member of the fleet driver's family. Fleet insurance also covers loss of use, as well as offering comprehensive insurance coverage for accidents with property damage or injury. Fleet insurance is offered through major companies whose employees use company vehicles and who need complete service coverage all over.

Will a Goodyear Tire Shop Sell Used Tires?

You must go to a shop that deals specifically in used tires because you will not find a Goodyear Tire shop that sells used tires. It is not only a strict company policy, but it is a rule that is rigidly enforced. For example, if you try to purchase a used tire through a Goodyear tire store, you will not be able to buy one. Instead, you will be directed to a lower-line tire, offered by the store. The reason this is a policy is because there are strict tire liability and warranty issues here. Tire warranties only transfer with the complete sale of a vehicle, not just the tires. Private party sales are exempt.

What Brands make for the Best Used Auto Tires?

The best auto tires were recently rated to be Bridgestone. Since Bridgestone is also, if not the top auto tire manufacturer in the world, one of the top auto tire manufacturers. This stands to reason. Bridgestone tires have an excellent reputation, both new and used. Other used tires that are considered among the leaders in the used tire market include Dunlop, Michelin, Goodyear and Firestone. Be aware that while many dealers are selling used tires, it is still best to purchase new tires for your vehicle if you can because they carry full warranty. However, if you must purchase a used tire, consider one of the brands mentioned.