How to Find Your Car's Jack Points

January 27, 2012

Knowing your vehicle's jack points is important for any time you have to raise that vehicle up in order to do routine maintenance or repairs. Although different vehicles may have different checkpoints, some basic guidelines apply.

Vehicle Jack Points: The General Area

When you have your floor jack or scissor jack out and are looking for the checkpoints on your vehicle, you'll be looking at the part of your vehicle frame that runs between the front and back wheels, where seams in the metal structure may indicate a jack point. Checkpoints will generally be on this metal edge, nearer the front and back wheel respectively. Look for parts of this frame that seem more solid and able to hold the pressure of the jack. It can also help to jack the vehicle up a bit, and look for any signs of distress to the metal.

Vehicle Jack and Car Repair Safety

The best way to find jack points and do all of your other routine car maintenance is to follow your owner's manual. The auto makers have included this manual to help you work on your car safely. Never work on a car that is unsupported, or poorly supported by a jack. One of the safest ways to work on cars is to supplement your auto jack with jack stands, large metal stands that have distributed holders at the top to more effectively support your vehicle. Finding the best ways to jack up your vehicle will also speed up any work you need to do, whether it's changing tires, changing oil, replacing brake parts or any other auto work.


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