How to Fix an Exhaust Manifold Leak

March 18, 2013

One of the best methods for learning how to repair an exhaust manifold leak is at At this very popular site there are many reviews of ways to repair vehicles of all makes and models. No matter what type of vehicle is being driven there will be a wealth of information on how to even fix an exhaust manifold leak. It makes no sense to drive around with this loud and potentially unhealthy toxic fume creator so one of the first stops on the Internet should be a search for the directions for repairing an exhaust manifold leak.

Steps to Repair the Leak

The first step towards repairing the exhaust leak will be to secure the replacement supplies from a local auto parts store. The directions on exactly how to complete this repair job will be available on the Internet or in a repair manual and can serve as a guide to shop with. Once back to the vehicle the real work can begin. It is of the utmost importance to remember this one golden rule when learning how to fix an exhaust manifold leak and that is to never run the engine in an enclosed garage. The second step is to find where the leak is coming from. In locating the exhaust leak one should realize a minor leak will be highly noticeable at start up but quiet down as the heat from the engine builds and the ambient noise from driving on busy highways builds up. Suffice to say that a minor exhaust leak can be ignored, but it will only get worse with time. One of the best ways to locate an exhaust leak in any vehicles engine is to pour a pint of automatic transmission fluid down the carburetor which in turn will create an intense white smoke then immediately plug the exhaust pipes to see where the smoke exits from the manifolds. While doing this type of smoke test today will likely mean a visit from your local fire department or an irritated neighbor, it is still one of the most popular ways to find an exhaust manifold leak. If the neighborhood is too crowded or the residence is an apartment and this would just be out of the question as the environmentalist of the neighborhood may protest too much, then there needs to be another avenue to figuring out to find an exhaust manifold leak.

Repair Kit Options

When researching how to fix an exhaust manifold leak on the Internet the search might have been concluded successfully with a list on how to fix the leak. Some exhaust manifold repair kits that are available either in the retail auto parts store or online will be great tools in which to repair the manifold leak. An exhaust manifold repair kit will include PreLube6, Oxygen-acetylene and a propane torch. These required tools of the job can come from just about anywhere including your own garage, yet if these are not handy then a complete kit should bought. What is received in the kit is important so that nothing is missed and the job is done adequately. A socket set with a 3/8th extension both six and twelve inches long is required along with a deep and regular depth set of sockets. A 3/8th inch drive ratchet will also be needed along with thread tape and lubricant and optional air or electrical impact wrench. Now before the engine is worked on it is important that the engine has had time to cool down and is now at an operational temperature. Once the exhaust bolt heads are taken off with the 9/16th socket drive the exhaust flange can then be removed. After the exhaust flange is removed the manifold will then be positioned where it can be taken out and physically looked at for leaks. This wraps up the steps on how to repair an exhaust manifold leak.