How to Get a Discount on Auto Glass Repair

January 27, 2012

Getting discount auto glass repair requires you to get a listing of auto glass repair shops in your area to find out who has a discount program. You may also receive a 10 percent discount on auto glass repair when you become a member of AAA.

Finding auto glass repair discounts will help you save on the expense of repairing a broken or chipped auto glass. This discount can save you on the out of pocket expense associated with back and side auto glass. Here are a few steps involved in getting a discount on your auto glass repair.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Computer
  • Auto Glass Repair Listing
  • Auto Repair Shop
  • AAA Membership Application

Steps 1: Search for Local Auto Glass Repair Shops

Using your computer, search for auto glass repair shops that are located in your community. For those shops that have websites, search for discount information that they may have available for their auto glass repair services. For those shops that do not have a website, call them to find out if they are running any discount specials.

Steps 2: Search Automotive Section of Local Newspaper

Your local newspaper may have an automotive section that will provide information on repair services and discounts that may be offered. Look through the advertisement sections to find a discount that is listed and call the repair shop for further information and requirements.

Steps 3:  Check with Insurance Company for Available Discounts

Your insurance company may provide you with a discount on auto glass repairs that are done by certain authorized repair shops in your community, such as a GEICO Auto Repair Xpress or Safelite AutoGlass. These discounts are provided for you as a policyholder, to use those services that are under contract with your insurance company or provide a discount volume to policyholders.

Steps 4: Ask Repair Shop for Any Unadvertised Discounts

You may want to ask the auto glass repair shop that you take your car to whether they have any announced or unadvertised discounts. You may find through this approach that a repair shop may be willing to provide you with a reasonable discount toward the repair of your damaged auto glass.

Step 5: Join AAA

AAA is a membership organization that represents the interests of drivers in the U.S. Joining AAA will entitle you to a discount of up to 10 percent toward the repair of a damaged auto glass. Additionally, AAA will guarantee the quality of the repair and promises to replace or repair a glass that is damaged within a year of an authorized repair, at no additional cost to you.

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