How to Give Your Car the Tinted Headlight Look

January 27, 2012

If you are looking or a more sporty and stealthy look for your vehicle, you may want to consider the idea of tinted headlights. Tinted headlights give any vehicle a different and unique look so that it is not comparable to other models of the same kind. There are several ways to give your car the tinted headlight look. If you are debating weather or not you would want to do something such as this, you will want to get an idea of the different ways that make it possible.

Headlight Covers:

Headlight covers are an easy and cost-effective way to give your vehicle the tinted headlight appearance. A lot of headlight covers come in different designs as well to give your headlights the appearance of having a design over the headlight cover rather than just a clear headlight housing. These covers are readily available and can actually preserve the life of your headlight housing due to blocking road debris such as rocks and other objects from flying into your original headlight covers. These are also legal in most states, as they are not made to block any light and decrease visibility.

Spray Paint:

If you want to give your car a smoked headlight look, you can also opt to do it yourself and spray paint the headlight unit(s). In order to spray paint your headlights you need to first remove the headlight housing from the vehicle. Make sure you remove any components that may melt such as the headlight bulbs themselves, as you will need to heat the housing unit to separate the headlight assembly in order to get inside to paint. After heating and disassembling the headlight unit you will want to make sure the inside surface you will be painting on is clean. After your headlight housing is separated and cleaned efficiently, you can start painting. Be sure to remain calm and in a comfortable and well-ventilated environment because it is recommended you spray on several "light" coats, which takes a good amount of time. Allow for the paint to completely dry. This may take up to 2 days depending on how many coats you used to satisfy the appearance you wanted. After paint is completely dry, you can now re-assemble the housing unit and put bulbs back in when putting them back in your vehicle.  

There are also certain manufacturers out there that make headlight/taillight tint spray that is translucent and can spray on from the outside of the vehicle without having to take apart the headlight units and put them back together. Companies such as VHT Nightshades make spray cans such as this for under $20.00 that can give your car the tinted headlight or taillight appearance. Like with anything else, if you choose to use this paint, be sure to clean the painting surface very thoroughly and use in a well-ventilated area. Also, tape off and cover any area surrounding your headlight housing so that it won't get covered in unwanted paint.

Both of these spray paint options of tinting your headlights are illegal in many states, so be sure to check into your local laws before doing any modifications such as this. Keep in mind that, as with anything else, tinting your headlights will slightly cut down on the visible light provided by your headlights. However, if legal and done properly, giving your car a tinted headlight appearance can drastically improve the physical appearance of your vehicle.

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