How to Replace a Faulty Turn Signal Relay

January 27, 2012

If your car's turn signals don't blink, it may be the turn signal relay. Fortunately, this car repair is one of the easiest you can do.

What Does the Relay Do?

This piece of electronics opens and closes the circuit, turning the signal light on and off.

How Do I Know If the Relay Is Bad?

Your lights will either stay on when the turn signal is used, or won't turn on at all. Hazard lights will sometimes use a separate relay: remember to check both the blinker. Turn signals only work when the engine is on, while hazards will work with just the battery.

How Do I Replace the Relay?

  1. Buy a replacement relay: This way you know what it looks like, making it easier to locate the old one.
  2. Find the fuse box: This should be located on the driver's side, either between the door and the dash, or against the wheel well under the dash. It will either be covered with a door with "fuse" printed on it, or a diagram of the fuses and what they do.
  3. Find the relay: This should be either in the fuse box, or next to it.
  4. Replace the relay: The relay attaches like a plug in a light socket. Simply pull the old one out and push the new one in. The pins are positioned in such a way that it cannot be installed incorrectly.

A non-blinking turn signal may seem like a serious electrical problem, but it's probably a burned-out turn signal relay. With a little know-how, it's an easy replacement