How to Tell if You Have a Faulty Turn Signal Relay

January 27, 2012

A turn signal relay is the electrical apparatus that governs your turn signal. You will be able to tell if you have a problem with the turn signal relay if you notice turn signal failure and do some quick troubleshooting.

Turn Signal Diagnosis

Most experts will tell you that if your turn signal isn't working, it's because of one of two reasons. Either your bulb is burnt out, or you have a faulty turn signal relay. A turn signal bulb, like other broken lights or worn out bulbs, is easy to replace. You can also check the fuses to make sure the elctrical system is correctly set up. If none of this makes your turn signal work, it's time to get a new turn signal relay.

Turn Signal Relays and DIY Auto Repair

When you have a new turn signal relay, you'll need to locate your relay cluster, where a number of different electrical components come together. You can find this relay cluster in your vehicle's owner manual or a specific model book. When you've found this, you simply take out the old turn signal relay and install the new one. There is only one way to insert this relay in the system.

Specific Turn Signal Relay Notes for Your Vehicle

On some vehicles, there are specific differences in symptoms for broken bulbs and broken relays. Also be aware that some car systems have seperate electrical systems for turn signals and hazard lights. Aside from this, replacing worn out turn signal bulbs and relays is a relatively easy fix to get your turn signals working again. If the relay replacement doesn't work, the next step may be a complete wiring check, which is a lot more difficult.

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