How to Use an Air Drill

March 13, 2012

Highly productive mechanics always use the right power tools for the job. A good power drill will save you a serious amount of time and effort.

Brand New Air Drill

An air drill provides a powerful tool for many jobs in the garage, and will save you a lot of time and effort versus trying to hand crank with a wrench or ratchet. However, you should know how to properly use an air drill in order to be safe and productive with it.

Set the Compressor
Before beginning, always make sure that your air compressor is set to the proper setting. Most air drills require a pressure setting ranging from 85 psi to about 120 psi. Refer to the owner's manual for the air drill and set your air compressor accordingly. Make sure that you inspect the air hose before connecting it to the drill. There should be no kinks or cracks in the hose, which can cause your air drill to lose pressure or perhaps even cause an accident.

Attach the Proper Socket
Before using your air drill to loosen or tighten a nut or bolt, make sure that you have the proper socket attachment in place. Always use sockets that are rated for air tools, and don't use sockets out of your standard toolbox. Standard sockets will usually chip or break when used with an air tool, and could cause serious injury if a piece of the socket flies off and hits someone. Test the air drill before trying to actually tighten or loosen a nut or bolt.

Where to Buy a Quality Air Drill

You can find high quality air drills at your neighborhood home improvement stores, local retailers and even online. Although you want to make sure to purchase a dependable air drill made by a reputable manufacturer, you never want to pay too much money for it.

Local Stores
Check out home improvement centers like The Home Depot and Lowes. Both of these large home improvement warehouse companies offer quality air drill brands such as Bosch, De Walt and Makita. They also offer exclusive brands sold through their particular store which have received good ratings and reviews.

Another place to find quality air drills is Sears. For many years, Sears has sold the Craftsman brand of tools which has been regarded for its durability and quality. Not only are Craftsman air drills well-made, they usually come with a very good warranty.

Online Shopping
If you would rather shop for an air drill online, don't overlook stores like Amazon or Harbor Freight. Both of these large online retailers offer air drills from many different manufacturers, and often at prices that local retailers and home improvement stores can't match. Do a comparison between local home improvement stores and online retailers, just to be sure you're getting the lowest price.

How to Maintain an Air Drill

With proper care and maintenance an air drill can last a lifetime. Continue reading to find out how to maintain your air drill.

Keep it Clean
One of the easiest ways to keep your air drill in tip top condition for many years is to keep it clean of dirt, grease and grime. Simple measures such as using a hose reel and not dragging the air hose will help keep grease and grime out of your valuable tool. Dirt and grime inside the motor of an air drill is one of the biggest causes of tool failure.

Prevent Water Contamination
Water contamination is also a big problem with all types of air tools. Investing a couple of dollars in a water filter for your air hose will help keep condensation out of the drill and protect it from rust and water contamination. You should also make sure that you drain the moisture collection tank on your air compressor every time you use it to help prevent moisture in the air tool as well.

Lubricate Often
Use an in-line lubricator to help keep your expensive air drill properly lubricated. Poor lubrication is one of the biggest reasons that people have to replace expensive air tools. Also, make sure to keep grease fittings on your air tool drill properly lubricated.