Mobile Dent Repair Pricing Guide

January 27, 2012

Everyone at some point in their life will need mobile dent repair. It is inevitable that at some point in your life, you will run into a pole or scratch the side of your car on a tree. Car dings are annoying because the damage is small, but can be large enough where you feel obligated to go to the garage to get an estimate. Dings are ugly and are always noticeable on your vehicle, no matter how small the scratch or dent is. Car body repair costs can be quite expensive and if you are unaware of some of the pricing guides for car repairs, then your car repair bill can add up exponentially. First of all, if you have an insurance plan that provides dent repair, then you might want to purchase this type of insurance if you are a clumsy driver. A small ding in the side of your vehicle can cost you a large amount of money if you continuously keep hitting your car into parked objects.

Paintless auto repair has become increasingly popular, and the cost of scratch repair from these companies is becoming more attractive with customers that have damaged vehicles. The reason why this type of procedure is attractive to people who have scratched their vehicle is because car body repair costs add up with every small expense that the auto body shop adds to your car bill. One of these large expenses is due to the time and materials to repaint the surface of your car. However, with paintless dent repair, there is no additional cost of painting the vehicle as the body shop will focus on removing the dent without having to order any additional parts for your car. These companies perform specialized procedures in order to remove dents without having to re-order any additional parts for your car, or having to re-paint your vehicle. Let's say you damage your bumper in a minor fender-bender. A traditional auto-body shop will have to order a new bumper, remove your old bumper, and re-paint the new bumper to match your car. Many times the paint that the auto-body shop uses will not match the color of your vehicle and you will end up with a two-tone car. Collision insurance will not cover small dings and dents in your car as your deductible is probably too high to cover small scratches. Instead, you might want to consider dent insurance the next time you receive mobile dent repair.