Racing Spark Plugs: The 5 Best Brands for High Performance Ignition Systems

January 27, 2012

Racing spark plugs are special spark plugs designed for vehicles used for motor sports. Racing spark plugs are designed to enable racing cars to maintain permanently high speeds while producing high specific power output. Here's a look at some of the best brands for high performance ignition systems.

1. NGK

NGK manufactures some of the best ignition spark plugs available. These plugs are high quality products that are capable of withstanding severe mechanical and thermal shock. Many of these racing spark plugs consist of precious metals such as platinum or gold for greater durability and lower voltage requirements.

2. Bosch

Bosch manufactures Super Plus spark plugs that are made of Yttrium and are specially designed for race cars. The alloy Yttrium provides reliable ignition and outstanding protection against corrosion.

3. Accel

The silver tipped racing spark plugs produced by Accel have a fine wire center electrode. Due to this, there is enough insulation space between the spark plug shell and the center electrode. The added insulation is advantageous because it provides a powerful spark, enhanced performance, durability and low ignition requirements.

4. Brisk

Brisk silver racing spark plugs have better ignitability and offer better performance than conventional spark plugs. They have a fine wire center electrode that provides better insulation between the spark shell and the center electrode, thus offering more room for insulation. This results in a durable spark plug with high dielectric strength. The silver used is the best heat conductor and provides high heat range, excellent heat dissipation and resistance to fouling. It also provides the most powerful spark. As a result, these racing sparks enjoy an increasing popularity in the racing world.

5. Champion

This company manufactures racing spark plugs that have been popular with every racing team since the 1950s.

Racing spark plugs are designed to withstand the severe conditions that occur in race car engines, and are high performance spark plugs. These plugs are more expensive and less durable than conventional spark plugs, and are not meant to be used in regular passenger cars.