Spark Plug Reviews and Ratings of Top Market Brands

January 27, 2012

Many people feel that it's not important to spend time perusing spark plug reviews in order to find the best brand. The reason for this way of thinking is that spark plugs wear out and must be replaced frequently, and also that most spark plugs are relatively inexpensive. In fact, the cheapest spark plugs that you're likely to find for your vehicle will be under $10 each, and even the most expensive will not be significantly more expensive than that. Still, there is a reason for you to find the best spark plug set up for your vehicle. The spark plugs in your car help to start the engine combustion process and can have an impact on the overall performance of the car. Read on for a brief spark plug comparison of some of the top market brands.


Champion spark plugs have a reputation for being some of the finest in the industry. These spark plugs generally run between $10 and $15 each, and a full set can be purchased for less than $100. They do not have the best life span of any spark plug that you're likely to find, and they will also not be the most reliable. However, they have generally good longevity and will also provide the most efficient engine that you can find in a standard model spark plug. This helps to increase the efficiency of your motor in general.


Autolite spark plugs are a versatile type of plug that will work in many different brands of cars. Because some spark plugs are custom made to be included with only certain vehicles and manufacturer lines, it's important you choose a plug that will be compatible with your vehicle. Fortunately, Autolite plugs are compatible with most vehicles. They're most popular in Ford and Chrysler cars, however. Keep in mind that Autolite plugs are not the most expensive. They give you a good and reliable life span, but do not increase the engine efficiency to the maximum as well as Champion brand plugs do.


Bosch spark plugs work very well in vehicles that were manufactured in Asia. Because of slight differences in the design styles between American and Asian made vehicles (as well as European made vehicles, although those are more similar to American made ones in this case), some spark plugs will work better in Asian cars than in other vehicles. Bosch is one of those examples. Bosch plugs are reliable, sturdy and provide a very good value for the money. They have one of the longest life spans of any spark plug currently available on the market.

For more information about spark plugs in general, or to figure out which plugs will be best for your situation, speak with a certified mechanic or dealer in your area for additional assistance.

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