The 5 Best Tire Companies Out There

December 30, 2015

When trying to maintain a reliable and safe vehicle for you and your family, few things are more important than choosing high-quality tires for your car or truck; good tire companies produce tires that allow for good traction in many types of weather, and are also effective at resisting punctures and blowouts that could potentially cause an accident. While there are many excellent tire manufacturers that sell high-quality tires; there are few manufacturers that tend to be more highly regarded than others.

The Best Korean Tire Companies

These days there are many quality tires being imported from foreign countries. For example, Korean importers that offer very good tire products at reasonable prices are:

  • Hankook
  • KumHo

Excellent Japanese Company

Furthermore, Japanese tire manufacturer Yokohama also offers some highly-rated tires at attractive prices.

Best American Tire Companies

However, if you want to buy tires from the very best manufacturers; American tire manufacturers are still the way to go. American tire manufacturers like Goodyear and Cooper Tires still produce and manufacture of some of the highest-rated tires available today. These quality American companies devote large financial resources to research and development to make better and safer tires for American drivers. Furthermore, these companies aggressively price their tires to be competitive with cheaper, lower quality imported tires.

Therefore, when searching for replacement tires--remember American tires are often still the best.

Related Questions and Answers

What Should You Pay Attention to When You Compare Tire Brands?

When you compare tire brands you should pay attention to a few things including sizing options, purpose and warranty options. If you have stock wheels, you will be able to find tires from any manufacturer. If you have custom wheels, check the tire size before comparing brands. Know the amount of mileage and the driving you intend to put your tires through before determining if they're the right ones. If you primarily drive off road or have a heavy duty vehicle, you're going to need tires to handle the weight of the vehicle and the off road environment. Check and compare warranty options to make sure you're getting the most protection for your dollar.

What Are the Top Rated Tire Brands from America?

The top rated tire brands from America compete fairly well on a global scale. Consistently in the top 10 are: Cooper, Goodyear and Coker. Goodyear is world-renowned and offers tires for all types of vehicles and needs. Cooper also offers a wide variety of tires, including tires for commercial vehicles, motorcycles and motor sports. Coker offers specialty and antique tires, delivering to a huge market of car enthusiasts. Regardless of the type of tire you're looking for, you can check with one of the big three tire manufacturers in the U.S. and get exactly what you're looking for.

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