The Average Cost of Tire Rotation

January 27, 2012
tire rotation

The average cost of tire rotation, which includes services such as wheel balancing and rebalancing, alignment and rotation of tires, is not a readily available number that can be obtained online. Tire repair shops such as Firestone, GM Goodwrench, Costco and others do not publish their prices and provide information when a car owner calls and makes an appointment for these services.

Call to Compare Prices

These companies do advertise specials and other discounts for tire rotation services that appear from time to tome in newspaper and online. The inability to obtain cost information online makes it difficult to know the true cost for tire rotation services. A person that is interested in knowing this information will need to call tire repair services in their area in order to compare prices and determine the average cost.

Price Changes

It should be noted that prices change periodically and are affected by demand. It can also be said that tire rotation costs can vary vastly from state to state and even within different regions of a state.

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What's the Longest You Should Go Before You Rotate and Balance Your Tires?

You need to take time to rotate and balance tires on your vehicle. This not only ensures your tires wear evenly, but also keeps you safe on the road. The general rule of thumb is to rotate every 5,000 miles in a cross-rotation pattern. You should do this more often if you wear on your tires heavily, as with off-road or extreme driving conditions. Tires that are out of balance can cause vibrations and wear on many of your vehicle's systems. All new tires should be balanced when mounted and installed. Your tires need to be checked for balance when they are rotated, and balanced accordingly.