The Best Brake Pads: Brands You Can Trust

January 27, 2012

When shopping for quality brake pad brands, there are many to choose from. Just as with anything, some brands of brake pads offer better performance and reliability than others. Because good brakes are so vital to the safe operation of a vehicle, you should never buy brake pads based on price alone. When choosing replacement brake pads, you will want to choose a product that will help stop your vehicle effectively; there are a few brands that are known to do that consistently.


In business for more than 100 years, Raybestos has always been a pioneer among brake pad manufacturers. They are responsible for many innovations in the development of car brakes and brake pads, and remain one of leading companies in terms of advancing brake technology. They produce brake pads for almost every vehicle available and are considered to produce some of the best brake pads available. Raybestos continues to be the most recommended brand of brake pads by repair shops and service technicians the world over.


Although not as large as Raybestos, EBC is also a much respected name in the brake pad industry. Founded in 1978, EBC has become one of the most sought after brake pad brands in the U.K and U.S. They produce brake pads for a wide range of vehicles sold in the United Kingdom and United States are highly praised for their research and development efforts in braking technology. EBC brake pads are known for their durability and long life, and are recommended by many knowledgeable mechanics

Related Questions and Answers

What Brake Pad Material Lasts the Longest?

Choosing the right brake pad material can help your brakes function better and last longer. While the actual brake pads you need vary depending on car model and other factors, there are four general types of brake pad materials including: organic, low metallic NAO, semi-metallic and ceramic. Ceramic is considered the best brake pad material and tends to wear slower than other materials. They are quieter, cleaner and allow for smoother braking because of the smooth surface. They are more expensive, but when you consider the slow wear you should factor in that you won't need to replace them as quickly as other brake pad materials.

What's the Most Common Reason for Uneven Brake Pad Wear?

Depending on your type of vehicle, driving environment and driving skills, uneven brake pad wear can occur. The most common type of uneven brake pad wear is that the front pads tend to wear faster that the back pads. All vehicles get about 75 percent of their braking power from the front. There are four pads total on the front braking system, and they will all likely see the same level of wear, though uneven compared to the back brake pads. Because of this you may need to change your front pads more frequently than your back pads.

What Brake Pad Manufacturer Makes the Longest Lasting Pads?

When looking for the best brake pad manufacturer, you need to keep in mind that all manufacturers are created equal. With that said, EBC has an extensive line of brake pads and is known as the best in the business. It offers all varieties of brake pad materials, with ceramic pads being the most popular and longest lasting. Ceramic brake pads are smoother than other materials and therefore don't collect dust and debris as easily. This keeps them cleaner longer. While they are a bit more expensive up front, they save you money in the long run with less replacement pads.

What is the Best Brake Pad Manufacturer for Trucks?

For trucks, the best brake pad needs to be a bit more heavy duty than standard brake pads. There are several front runners for truck braking: Hawk LTS and HP Superduty Pads and EBC Green Stuff Brake Pads. There are two recommended versions of the EBC Green Stuff pads, the basic pads and the Supreme Pads. The Hawk pads are made of a composite material and can be used for all truck applications. They give a good solid stop and stop quietly. The Green Stuff pads are ceramic and offer good all around truck usage. The EBC Green Stuff Supreme pads are also ceramic and are superior for towing and large trucks.