The Best Cheap Spark Plugs: Three Top Affordable Brands

January 27, 2012

Finding cheap spark plugs is not typically a problem for most car owners. In fact, spark plugs are some of the least expensive pieces of equipment you'll need for your vehicle. Most of them run you anywhere from about $5 to about $15 for an individual piece. Therefore, the difference in cost between a lower end spark plug and a higher end plug is not that much. This is the case for the difference in quality between these pieces as well. The major difference in the quality of two disparate plugs will not result in any noticeable driving difference for most people. Fortunately, it's easy to make an inexpensive spark plug replacement when you have to buy new plugs for your ignition system every few thousand miles or so. A spark plug reference guide follows. Read it to learn about some of the best brands of inexpensive plugs.

Number 1 -- Champion

Champion spark plugs are generally the best for vehicles that require faster ignition timing in order to operate at maximum capacity. In most of these cases, the vehicle will be outfitted with Champion spark plugs from the outset. If this is your situation, it's a good idea to stick with these high quality spark plugs, as any other type will likely be a step down in efficiency for the ignition system. You may end up noticing a difference in the responsiveness of the ignition of your car. Champion spark plugs are on the more expensive side for spark plugs, but they're still quite affordable in comparison with other parts for your car. They provide an excellent durability and last for quite a long time. Keep in mind, however, that even these high end spark plugs must be replaced relatively regularly in all cars.

Number 2 -- Motocraft

Motocraft spark plugs are a great choice for a variety of cars. Some types of spark plugs will only work accurately in certain vehicles. Motocraft plugs will be suitable for a wide variety of different cars. This makes them a good all around choice for the average investor or do-it-yourself car repair worker. They are also quite durable and provide a solid efficiency in the ignition system, though they don't quite match that of the top end brands like Champion. Motocraft spark plugs are also inexpensive and quite affordable.

Number 3 -- NGK

NGK manufactures specialized spark plugs made out of copper. These plugs are extremely durable and last longer than many other types of plugs. While they do not offer the highest performance rate, they're a good choice for anyone who doesn't wish to spend a lot of time working on their car every 30,000 miles or so. NGK plugs will last for up to 60,000 miles.

Ask a mechanic for additional advice and help in choosing spark plugs.