The Best Radiator Sealants to Use for Auto Repair

January 27, 2012

If you are experiencing a leaky radiator in your vehicle, a quality radiator sealant might be able to help you seal the leak without the need of an expensive radiator repair or replacement. While a radiator sealant will not work for very large cracks or damage to your car's radiator, they are effective in plugging smaller holes and leaks. Local auto parts stores like Auto Zone and Pep Boys carry various brands of radiator sealants, but it's always good to know which ones really  work and are worth the money.

The Best Radiator Sealants

While a radiator sealant is never a long term alternative to radiator repair, it is certainly less expensive and works ok for small holes in the radiator. When shopping for a radiator sealant, make sure to go with the better brands as they actually can plug some smaller leaks and don't wreak as much havoc on your car engine (some cheaper ones actually clog up the radiator and hoses).

Popular radiator sealant brands like Bars Radiator Stop Leak, Gunk Radiator Sealer and Silver Seal are affordable options for small leaks. If you are looking for a high quality permanent fix, K-Seal Permanent Sealant Fix is a popular choice although it can be very expensive and is not recommended for all cars where you can a good used radiator cheaper than the $150 price tag of the sealant.

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