The Brake Job Cost Guide

January 27, 2012

The brakes are one of the very most important systems in your vehicle, and they are equally important to take care, regardless of how high the brake job cost may be. Fortunately, although brake jobs have a reputation for being exceedingly expensive in certain types of cars, if you find a good brake mechanic, you're liable to find a much cheaper deal on this crucial process. Additionally, when you break down the costs of this repair and replacement procedure, the individual expenses are often quite reasonable. Read on for a breakdown of the costs of a brake job on a standard automobile.

Number 1 -- The Initial Inspection

Before your mechanic can work on your vehicle's brakes, they will have to make a thorough inspection of the car. While the process of inspecting the car is free of charge, you will have to account for the mechanic's time. Depending upon how much your mechanic charges for their hourly rate, you may need to pay somewhere under $100 for this service.

Number 2 -- Repairing Damaged Brake Systems

There are a number of things that may happen after your mechanic inspects the brakes on your vehicle. In most cases, if your brakes are generally functional but require a slight tune-up, the mechanic will have to make some adjustments to the system. These situations will be less costly to you than a replacement brake part cost or than the expenses associated with fully replacing the brake system in your vehicle. Fortunately, it's also most common for your mechanic to only have to make some minor adjustments. This process may add another $100 to $200 to the cost of your brake job.

Number 3 -- Replacing Brake Parts

If a particular section of your braking system is damaged or broken, the mechanic will first have to determine whether the remaining parts in the brakes are viable. If they are, the brake job will then consist of removing the damaged part(s) and replacing them with corrected and updated parts. Although it takes different amounts of time to remove different parts of the brake system, this process generally doesn't take very long. You will also be charged for the cost of the brake component as well, bringing the total for this section of a brake job up well over $100, typically.

Number 4 -- Replacing the Entire Brake System

This third option for your brake job is the most time-intensive, and also the most likely to cost you a large amount of money based on the parts that the mechanic uses. If your brake system is entirely compromised or in danger of being completely damaged. This procedure requires the mechanic remove the brakes as they exist on your car and they then replace them with a brand new brake system. You'll have to pay for a longer period of time's worth of work as well as the cost of the new system.