The Jumper Box Buyer's Guide

January 27, 2012

A Jumper Box otherwise referred to as the Battery Jump Box is a handy jump starter. The jumper box is perfect for people who need an emergency jump-start. Usually, the jumper box weighs around 18 pounds and is equipped with a battery. A typical jumper box can be used to jumpstart any of the following:

  • Cars
  • Boats
  • Trucks
  • Generators
  • Tractors
  • Other vehicles

Jumper boxes are well-suited with any starting system around 12 volts. The portability of a jumper box comes with its maintenance free sealed battery. This kind of setup allows flexible storage for the jumper box. People can store their jumper box in any location and in any position without having to worry about leakage. People can simply store the box inside a truck, behind or underneath a passenger seat or any place. There are jumper boxes available with a 12 volt DC accessory outlet. This kind of jumper box provides access for any 12 volt accessory. This jumper box is perfect for people going camping or sailing. Since there are many types of jumper boxes, it is important for buyers to know their requirements for a good jumper box.

Considerations When Buying a Jumper Box

Many providers claim that there jumper boxes are the most powerful and durable kinds out in the market. However, consumers cannot simply rely on this. There are jumper boxes that are relatively cheaper than other models however there is the risk that they are simply inferior knock-offs. Without prior knowledge, there is the risk of wasting money over a defective product.

Amount of Power

For buyers looking for a good jumper box, the most important thing to consider is power. It is important to take a look at the amount of power the jumper box is getting to the battery. There are manufacturers releasing jumper boxes that have less than 900 peak amps. There are even other jumper boxes which only have 200 cranking amps. This amount of power is not sufficient to jump start the majority of passenger vehicles today.


Another consideration in buying jumper boxes is the components. There are jumper boxes which have inferior components. There are several manufactures that use #6 gauge cables. In some cases, the cable used may be even smaller. Regardless of how big the battery is, if the jumper box only uses clamps with a rating of 250 cranking amps, then there's no way the amount of power obtained will exceed 250. Since most products have detailed information, it is important to initially examine the parts and the power before purchasing. Some high quality jumper boxes are listed below:

  • Solar (KK JNC4000) - this is a Jump-N-Carry offering. This jumper box is a 12 Volt Jump Starter and can produce up to 1100 Peak Amps. This jumper box is made with 23" #4 gauge cables that have heavy duty capacity. The heavy duty cables of the Solar efficiently transmit power to the battery of the vehicle.
  • Solar (KK JNC300XL) - this is another Jump-N-Carry product. The Solar KK JNC300XL can produce power up to 900 peak amps. This jumper box is equipped with 27" #4 gauge cables for efficient power transmission.