Top High Performance Spark Plugs: Best Three Brands for Racing/Street Performance

January 27, 2012

High performance spark plugs are necessary for certain engines that require a faster and more efficient ignition time. These engines may seem to be "picky" about which spark plugs they take. If you put in an insufficient plug to try to help ignite the engine, you may find it has problems turning over and will not start up properly. The reason for this is likely that the performance engine requires an equally high performance ignition system, complete with upper end spark plugs. Read on for some information about the top brands for racing or street performance of spark plugs.

Number 1 -- NGK

NGK has developed a reputation for building both excellent quality standard spark plugs and very good racing plugs as well. The NGK copper plugs are commonly used for their high end performance work. These plugs have a good lifespan but focus primarily on stronger performance and ignition efficiency. This makes them a great choice for anyone who is interested in racing their car. NGK plugs are also not surprisingly expensive, making them a suitable option for people who are attempting to operate on a budget as well.

Number 2 -- Champion

Champion plugs remain some of the very best available on the market at this point in time. These plugs are the ones that oftentimes come standard on different high performance cars. They are efficient, durable and inexpensive in comparison with other parts of the car. However, these plugs are expensive in comparison with other spark plugs, so those people who are operating on a budget may find that their limited financial resources are better put to other use when attempting to hone and fine tune a race car. Still, Champion plugs are a great choice. If your car was originally outfitted with Champion spark plugs, it's a good idea to replace them with other Champion plugs as well so as to not disrupt the efficiency of the engine and the ignition systems both.

Number 3 -- Factor Spark Plugs

Do not discount the possibility of using factory spark plugs in your vehicle. If you've purchased a high end and high performance vehicle, it's likely that the engine and ignition systems have been very carefully calibrated by teams of manufacturer scientists to ensure they run at optimum efficiency. Therefore, the spark plugs in high performance vehicles like Porsches and sports cars by Ford, Chevrolet and other brands are oftentimes set up better than any standard or aftermarket part could be. If you're wondering about the status of the spark plugs in your vehicle, consult with the dealer who sold it to you for additional information. These spark plugs tend to be somewhat more expensive than standard plugs, but they are custom designed for your particular vehicle, and oftentimes result in the best type of performance possible.

For more information about spark plug selection, speak with a mechanic in your area.

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