Understanding Windshield Repair Insurance

January 27, 2012

Windshield repair insurance is found in standard auto insurance coverage, usually under comprehensive coverage in a policy. Companies such as GEICO, Nationwide Insurance and Progressive Insurance provide this type of coverage to cover the cost of a repair claim made by a policyholder. These claims may result in a deductible or first dollar expense by the policyholder before the repair is paid for by the insurance company. This depends on the size of the deductible and the cost of the repair.

Typical Windshield Repair Costs

The typical cost for repairing or replacing a windshield is between $20 and $325, depending on the type of damage. Chips and cracks that are below the surface of the windshield will cost $20 to $60 to repair while more extensive damage that threatens the structural integrity of the windshield will result in replacement.

Insurance Company Deductible Waivers

GEICO, Nationwide and Progressive are 3 of several insurance companies that waive the deductible associated with windshield repairs since the cost is 10 times less than a replacement. This requires the car owner to maintain a vigilant watch over cracks and chips that occur that may result in further damage to the windshield.

A deductible can run between $100 to $300 for the policyholder, meaning that a replacement of the windshield will result in a nearly 100% percent cost to the motorist. Insurance companies recognize that encouraging a motorist to repair a windshield before it needs to be replaced results in safer motorists and reduced costs.

Buying Windshield Repair Insurance

A policyholder buys an insurance policy to over the costs of repairs and the replacement of a vehicle that is damaged or destroyed in an accident. This includes the everyday damage that can occur to a windshield from road debris, gravel, stones and rocks that are kicked up onto the windshield. An insurance company takes a special interest in ensuring that a policyholder maintains a safe and working windshield.

The Importance of Windshield Repair

The windshield, next to the bumpers and seatbelts are an important safety feature and needs to be maintained. It is cheaper for an insurance company to encourage the driver to submit to smaller repairs such as cracks and chips then foot the bill for a more expensive windshield replacement or worse.

Using the Insurer's Windshield Repair Facility

With the cost of windshield replacement at around $300 on average, the insurance company will provide some form of physical damage coverage that will pay for the repair of minor damage that is bound to occur. Companies like GEICO offer comprehensive physical damage coverage and encourage their policyholders to take the vehicle to their proprietary Auto Repair Xpress facilities to have the damage fixed. Other insurance companies work closely with national auto glass repair services such as Safelite AutoGlass to pay for the windshield repair.

A car driver should inquiry about the type of coverage available under their existing auto insurance policy or make additions in order to cover the costs associated with windshield repairs. This includes finding coverage that encourages the repair of minor damage that does not result in the replacement of the windshield in order to lower costs and risk associated with damaged auto glass.