Unique Facts about a Hyundai Oil Change

January 27, 2012

If you own a Hyundai, an oil change is a required part of the manufacturer's suggested scheduled maintenance and service for your vehicle. While Hyundai offers one of the longest you car warranties in the industry, 10 years or 100,000 miles, they can be rather strict on following guidelines for maintenance and service.

Hyundai Vehicle Oil Change Considerations

First and foremost, you should always use the type of motor oil suggested in your Hyundai owner's manual. Like other manufacturers these days, Hyundai is attempting to reduce their liability by making Hyundai car owners strictly follow guidelines for oil changes and the type of motor oil that is used in their cars. So, always make sure that you only use Hyundai-approved motor oils, and also make sure that you keep all of the receipts for oil and oil filter purchases as well as oil changes done at service centers. Keeping these records for as long as you own the car will help protect you from the possibility of having your Hyundai car warranty voided.

Also, when you're having your Hyundai's oil changed, you'll need to make sure that you use an oil filter that has been approved by Hyundai. There are reports that many common aftermarket oil filters produce strange knocking sounds in the vehicle and also may be the cause of other problems. In fact, Hyundai has released several technical service bulletins regarding this, and has advised dealerships to make customers aware that not using a Hyundai approved oil filter may void the warranty.