Using an Air Compressor to Fill Up Tires Safely

March 30, 2017

An air compressor is a powerful machine that is used to fill up vacuums with air. In car maintenance work, it is most commonly used to fill up tires so that they have the appropriate air pressure inside of them (but there are other uses listed below). When you're planning to do a routine checkup on your car, it's a good idea to include a tire pressure check in your other steps. You can safely fill up tires with an air compressor without removing car wheels.

Tire pressure

Monitor the Recommended PSI Levels
Each tire is made to be filled up with air to a certain pressure level. The PSI (pounds per square inch) of air pressure in the tire will indicate how the vehicle performs. Always know what the recommended range of pressure is for your tires and be careful to never let them sink below or go above that level. When filling up your tires with an air compressor, use a tire gauge to monitor the air pressure levels, and stop filling before the pressure reaches too high.

Always Discharge Safely
Air compressors are able to blast a powerful burst of air. Always make sure that you have the compressor nozzle in the safety position before you begin to fill up the air of your tires. Only activate the handle to allow the nozzle to pump air through when the tip of the nozzle is safely secured inside of the tire.

By using an air compressor in a safe manner, you'll be able to ensure not only that your tires remain viable and functioning at a high level, but also that you're safe throughout the air compressor process.

Other Uses for Air Compressors

  • Changing Tires:
    Changing tires and rotating the tires on your vehicle is sure to be one of the most frustrating and time consuming projects if you're not careful. It can be exceedingly difficult to remove the bolts that hold tires in place if you don't have an air compressor to help you. The air compressor can be attached to a pneumatic drill or gun to help remove the bolts quickly. This saves you time and effort and it also puts less stress on your body than removing the tires by hand.
  • Removing Bolts: Virtually any other task that you may be subjected to with your vehicle can be made easier by using pneumatic tools that are powered by an air compressor. A variety of ignition work requires that you remove the tires and remove an assortment of other bolts. Each of these bolts will be easier to remove if you use an air compressor to help.