What Is the Best Auto Glass Cleaner

January 27, 2012

These days, many vehicle owners enjoy the auto detailing process, and they are looking for the best products to use to keep their vehicles looking their best, including high quality auto glass cleaner. It is important to have clear windows throughout the car or truck, to ensure safety, as well as to provide the finishing touch on a clean, good looking, well maintained vehicle.

When using auto glass cleaner, it is important to have a clear idea of how best to employ them, so that the vehicle's windows get as clean as possible, but also so that the products do not harm other aspects of the interior or exterior finish. To begin with, be very cautious about using cleaners that contain ammonia, a common grease cutting ingredient in household cleaners. First of all, ammonia fumes can be dangerous to breathe, especially when working in a car with the doors closed. Secondly, ammonia may damage the tinting used on windows, especially when used in direct sunlight. Finally, ammonia-based products have a tendency to dry out rubber, plastic, vinyl and leather, significantly shortening durability.

Your local auto parts store, such as Autozone, will carry several types of auto glass cleaner which can be used with confidence when auto detailing. These will not contain ammonia, but some may contain surfactants, the ingredient used in soap to lift and trap dirt. Surfactants are notable causes of streaks, so should also be avoided. There are quality cleaners that do not cause streaking or damage to tinting, yet have the dirt-fighting ability to remove common dirt, road grease, and protein-based residue--meaning bugs--from the vehicle's windshield and other windows. One such brand is Stoner Invisible which is available in several products. Turtle Wax makes a product called Clear Vue Auto Glass Cleaner which has the same cleaning properties, and is safe for use in all vehicles.

When using auto glass cleaner, clean the vehicle's windows last, since other products like vinyl and leather cleaner is often applied in spray format, and overspray may get on the glass. Handling the glass last removes all of this and ensures a quality job. Be sure to do the work out of direct sunlight, since hot windows will dry the cleaner before it can be worked with the cleaning rag. Some like to clean one window at a time, while others prefer to do all the interiors then move to the exterior. When both inside and outside are done, move the car into the sunlight, which will help bring to sight any spots that were missed. For these, spray a small amount of auto glass cleaner on a dry part of the rag and put the finishing touches on a great detailing job!

Auto detailing is safe and easy with the right products, including those made by Stoner Invisible and Turtle Wax. They won't cause damage, and will leave auto glass clean and free of streaks. Using a few common sense steps when auto detailing the windows will improve the vehicle's looks and make for safer driving.