Where to Buy a Ford 289 Engine

January 27, 2012

The Ford 289 Engine is one of the most popular engines ever produced, because of its legendary dependability and reliability. Ford introduced the 289A engine in 1965 and released three subsequent revisions, including the 289C, 289D and the 289K. All four versions continue to be popular in older Ford vehicles today, and many companies still sell refurbished versions of the engine.

Where to Buy Ford 289 Engines

If you're looking for the classic Ford 289 engine, you'll be able to find plenty of choices on the Internet. In fact, there are many companies that specialize in refurbishing and selling older Ford engines. In order to find a lot of choices for Ford 289 engines, you can use popular search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo. To start your search, simply enter search terms like "buy Ford 289 engine" and click the search button. You'll find links sites that have the engine available for sale.

If you want to skip the clutter brought to you by a large search engine, you can visit websites directly that sell Ford 289 engines. You can visit websites like Rebuilt-Auto-Engines.com to find remanufactured 289 Ford crate engines. This website carries popular 289 engines for Ford and Mercury vehicles, and generally has all four versions of the 289 available.

You can also search the eBay auction website for Ford 289 engines. As this is a very popular engine, many people sell used and refurbished 289 engines on it. If you're able to win an auction for a 289 engine on eBay, you might be able save a lot of money versus purchasing the engine from any other source.


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