Where to Buy a Honda B18 Engine

January 27, 2012

In the world of the B18 Engine hunter, there exists many opportunities to locate this strong and dependable engine. From the ever popular engine swap, down to the old- school method for accessing the classifieds section of the local paper, the chances of finding these engines are great. Many drivers need a B18 engine as many of them are now blown engine owners that could use a replacement engine. The B18 Engine, from Honda, is a very popular motor, and one that has a price range from $500 for some older used engines to well over $8,000 for highly modified, high performance versions of the engine.

Where to Buy a B18 Engine

If you are in need of a replacement Honda B18 engine, you will be glad to know that the Internet offers many sources for the popular and reliable engine. Popular or high-performance Honda engine websites like SummitRacing.com and Max-Redline.com often offer variants of the B18 engine for sale on their websites.

There are also many excellent Honda forum websites where you can find information about where to purchase the B18 engine. For example, websites like Honda-Tech.com often contain messages and posts regarding the B18. You can also post questions to other forum posters and visitors about where of the best places to purchase the popular engines are.

You can also use Google to help you find online retailers that sell the Honda B8 engine. If you enter search terms like " buy B18 engine" into the Google search box, Google will show you a list of relevant links to sites where you may be able to purchase the engine.