Where to Buy a Honda F20C Engine

January 27, 2012

The F20c Engine is manufactured by Honda and is the motor used in the popular S2000 sports car. The F20C engine was first introduced in the 1999 Model Honda S2000 and is still in use in current versions of the vehicle. The engine is well regarded for its high level of horsepower output and produces roughly 240hp even though it has a small displacement of just less than 2 liters. In fact, the engine produces more power output than any other 2.0 liter engine used in a vehicle with a price tag lower than $100,000.

Where to Purchase a F20C Engine

If you need to replace the engine in your Honda S2000, you will want to find sources for reliable rebuilt or used F20C engines. Fortunately, the Internet offers a wide selection of retailers and engine shops to choose from; so, finding a suitable F20C replacement is relatively easy.

You can visit popular engine websites like EvasiveMotorSports.com, GotJDM.com and sites that specialize in high performance Japanese engines. These companies usually offer both stock versions of the F20C engine as well as high performance versions rebuilt with aftermarket parts designed to boost performance.  You might also want to check forum or message boards like those at OZHonda.com. There you can post questions and review answers about other places to purchase the popular engine.

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