Where to Buy a Honda H22 Engine

January 27, 2012

The Honda H22 Engine was introduced in the United States in 1993 as the H22A1 engine and it was used in the Honda Prelude VTEC. Since its introduction, the H22 has been released in various versions and was widely considered as the premium high performance engine for the Honda Prelude until Honda stop production of the vehicle in 2001. The engine remains a popular replacement engines for Preludes and is also used in Honda Accords by some H22 engine enthusiasts.

Where to Purchase a Honda H22 Engine

If you need to replace an H22 engine in your Prelude, you'll be pleased to know that there are many sources for the engine on the Internet. Finding an H22 replacement engine for your Honda is as simple as entering search terms like "buy Honda H22 engine" into the search box in your favorite search engine and clicking a button. The search engine will show you many links to websites where you can purchase the powerful Honda engine.

If you want to skip the search and go directly to sites that offer the H22 for sale, you should visit websites like JayDM.com, TopEndMotorsports.com and JSpecAuto.com. These websites all specialize in Japanese JDM engines which include the popular Honda H22 engine.

Alternatively, you can search for H22 engines on the eBay auctions website. Because the engine is still very popular, you can often find auctions for the popular engine that may enable you to purchase the H22 at prices lower than other sources if you win the auction.

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