Where to Find a Bolt Torque Chart

January 27, 2012

A bolt torque chart can help you understand about how much torque pressure should be put on a bolt you are using to mend or rebuild a car. There are variables which can affect a torque rating and charts should only be used as a guide for the user and not followed precisely. Some bolts are made differently and the variables can interfere with calculations, such as surface texture and material.

1 – Online Imperial

There are bolt torque charts available online that can help you with choosing and understanding the proper bolt torque value. This is from Portland Bolt, based in Portland Oregon, and the chart is imperial.

2 – Local Car Shops

Your local car shop may have a torque chart they can sell you. Charts are not always available in local car and auto stores, and depending where you are, you may have a need for metric rather than imperial conversions.

3 – Online Metric

Metric charts are available online as well as imperial charts. Metric will give you the reading in kilograms instead of pounds. European cars will be labeled with metric gauge bolts and American cars will still have imperial values on their bolts.

4 – Telephone

You can telephone a company you know locally to find out if they can fax you a chart if you need one, but online seems to be the quickest way to get a chart for this purpose. Most charts are printable and those which are not, you can simply print the whole page and cut out the parts you need.

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