Windshield Repair: Will My Insurance Cover it

January 27, 2012

A lot of drivers who encounter damage to their vehicles may be looking for information on windshield repair and how their insurance policy affects what they will pay. Different kinds of insurance have different coverages regarding windshield repair, and it's worth looking at your insurance before you make a claim to determine if auto glass insurance means that windshield repair or even replacement will be covered.

Types of Policies that Cover Windshield Repair

Typically, those whose insurance will cover windshield repair are carrying comprehensive insurance. Comprehensive insurance policies cover almost all of the damage to the vehicle that results from any kind of condition, where more limited policies like collision policies will only cover some of what happens to the vehicle. With a comprehensive insurance policy, there is a good chance that some types of windshield repair will be picked up by the insurer.

Policies by State

Each state has different auto insurance policy standards, so it's a good idea to look at policies by state when trying to define policy coverage for windshield replacement versus repairing any other item. However, an occurrence on an out-of-state trip will not likely affect your chances of windshield replacement, as this is something that usually falls under the comprehensive category; unless the windshield is shattered in a collision.

Windshield Damage: Do Auto Insurance Rates Go Up?

Your auto insurance rates should not go up if you make a claim on windshield damage that arises from a non-collision condition. Most of the smaller windshield damage that drivers encounter is the result of either stray rocks from other vehicles, or hail damage. Other major windshield damage will be part of a collision, and thus fall under the collision category of coverage.

If you file a claim for windshield damage from rocks or hail, and your auto insurance policy goes up, contact your insurer to confirm that the damage was not related to a collision and ask why your rates were hiked. Companies should not be able to raise policies from claims that are unrelated to a collision.

Windshield Replacement vs. Repairing

Some auto insurance companies may try to tell you that windshield repair is sufficient for a crack, to avoid paying on a new windshield. In some cases, this may be correct, but if you see a substantial spiderweb of cracks from even a small windshield damage situation, the problem may be worse than you think. Get a professional to look at the damage, and talk to insurer reps to decide if repair will fix the situation, or if the windshield needs to be replaced. If professionals decide replacement is going to be necessary in the long run, the auto insurance company should bear that cost.

The above illustrates how some insurers deal with issues of windshield damage, where the policy holder may not be at fault, and may be looking for full compensation when outside conditions lead to cracks in their windshield.