22 Reasons toGgo to a Safeway Driving School

January 27, 2012

If you would like to learn car safety or are considering a driving school for yourself or your teenager, there are several reasons to go to a Safeway Driving School. Many are listed below.

  1. Safeway Driving Schools are well known and reputable.
  2. They have locations throughout the United States.
  3. They provide professional instruction in the classroom and behind the wheel and their curriculum is approved by the state public safety department.
  4. The late model vehicles they use are inspected and maintained regularly to ensure safety.
  5. Safeway is bonded, fully insured, licensed and a member of the Driving School Association of the Americas.
  6. Their program is designed to allow students to attend class when it is convenient for them. They can take all ten of the lessons in any order on any night they are offered. 
  7. If you need to make up a class, they may offer opportunities at other times and locations. 
  8. Individual lessons with the instructor are given and extra lessons are available.
  9. Safeway can provide a car for the road test for the license exam, as well as schedule the appointment, pick you up at your home, review for the test and drive with you to the exam center.
  10. Safeway includes six full hours of behind-the-wheel one-on-one driving instruction. The first lesson includes the basics of driving and safety. The second lesson includes freeway and downtown driving, at least 5 left and right turns, one-way streets, crosswalks and pedestrians. The third lesson covers parallel parking, 90-degree corner reverse parking, hill parking and parking lot procedures.
  11. Safeway has a Teen Program that helps parents by answering questions and inviting them to a monthly parent class.
  12. Detailed information for parents is provided on their website.
  13. The instructors are tested, fully licensed, and have passed FBI and BCA background checks. They are not subcontractors and the cars are marked to show parents who will be picking up their teen. Many instructors are former license examiners or instructors.
  14. Safeway will provide a course completion card to parents in the event the parents want to delay their teen from getting their driver's license until they are ready for the teen to take the test.
  15. Parents have the opportunity to withdraw their consent for a teen (under 18) to maintain a license or permit.
  16. Convenient online registration and class scheduling.
  17. Competitive pricing and convenient payment plans.
  18. Safeway classrooms are clean and equipped with the latest instructional equipment and other visual aids.
  19. Lesson plans are professionally developed with PowerPoint presentations and study guides. The materials include textbooks, DVDs, videos, handouts from insurance companies, etc.
  20. Driving lessons follow pre-planned routes that vary by instructional topic and are chosen for specific content with a variety of driving environments such as residential, rural roads, etc.
  21. Safeway keeps records and evaluations on the progress of each student and require parental review to keep parents aware of their teen's progress.
  22. There are no hidden charges for textbooks, online scheduling, gas surcharges, etc.

Safeway Driving Schools are located in several states, often with more than one school in larger cities. There may be one located in a city near you.