Approved New Jersey Defensive Driving Course Locations

April 10, 2012

Get information on the 7 top New Jersey defensive driving course facilities, how to research other schools, and the top 3 requirements for enrollment.

A New Jersey defensive driving course will help you learn how to not make collision-causing mistakes while on the road. The state of New Jersey offers MVC-approved defensive driving courses in locations throughout the state. You can even take online courses through companies such as Driving University.

Defensive Driving Course NJ Locations

  • AAA and AARP. AAA and AARP don't just offer road-side assistance and discounts on insurance. They also provide a variety of community services, including traffic safety education. The benefit of taking a safety course through these companies is that AAA and AARP members pay a discounted price for the classes. AAA defensive driving courses can be found in Hamilton, Florham Park, Wayne and Voorhees. AARP offers a Driver Safety Program in Wharton.
  • A-1 Peck/Sears Driving School (Mine Hill, NJ). The A-1 Peck/Sears Driving School offers courses to both teens and adults in a classroom setting and behind the wheel. This family-run business has been around for over 45 years and their instructors are state-licensed driver's education teachers. Road safety and personal safety are the number one priorities of this establishment and A-1 Peck instructors are required to pass a training program and background checks on a yearly basis.
  • Comedy Defensive Driving School (Trenton, NJ). The Comedy Defensive Driving School has been featured on several news programs and boasts there is no reading, writing or arithmetic required. However, they will show "crazy" driver's education movies and provide comic relief. The instructors are professional comedians that have received praise about how they keep the classes interesting.
  • The Driving Center (Hillsborough, NJ). Founded by Michael Ferrara, the former Worldwide Director of Johnson & Johnson's SAFE Fleet program, The Driving Center is a full-service company focused on driver safety. They use specialized simulators that measure a driver's performance to let them know what needs improvement.
  • Driving Dynamics (Little Silver, NJ). Located in Monmouth County, Driving Dynamics is a driving school that offers classroom training along with specialized training offered through their mobile unit. One of their main features is their "Slide Car" where an instructor is able to recreate automobile slides and skids at low speeds on a closed course.
  • Gold Cross Safety Corporation (Boonton, NJ). The Gold Cross Safety Corporation is a full-service driver training program that offers defensive driving courses that integrates knowledge about the effects of attitude and behavior on driving habits.
  • New Jersey State Safety Council (Cranford, NJ). The New Jersey State Safety Council offers defensive driving courses to adult drivers. The certified instructors cover subjects relating to collision prevention, what to do in different driving situations and how to be in the proper state of mind for driving.

New Jersey residents that need to clear up their driving record or want to take advantage of insurance discounts are able to do this with the help of area defensive driving schools. Those wanting more information about state-approved online driving courses should contact the MVC.

3 Requirements for Attending a New Jersey Traffic School

There are a number of requirements to keep in mind before attending a New Jersey traffic school. You must be sure the class you select meets your needs and can provide you with the proof you'll need to reduce fines, decrease insurance premiums or remove points from your driver license.

Approved Locations

Make sure the class is approved by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. While many online schools are approved by the National Safety Commission, check with your local MVC for particulars on the proof they need to relieve points from your license or to satisfy your court order.

Course Requirements

Before electing a traffic school, make sure the class covers your specific needs. The state offers a defensive driving program that can reduce insurance rates or remove points from your driving record. There is also a program available for senior drivers. There are mandatory programs ordered by a court as part of the judgment for certain traffic violations. If you are convicted of a DUI, you must take courses at the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center. Drivers with 12 to 14 points on their driving record can attend the Driver Improvement Program in exchange for a 30-day license suspension. Young drivers who receive two or more violations that equal four or more points in a two-year period are required to attend a Probationary Driver School Program.

New Jersey Traffic School Fees

Any New Jersey traffic school you decide to attend will require payment of a fee. This fee will vary depending upon factors such as which class you select, the purpose for your enrolment and whether you're attending locally or participating in a course held online. Higher fees for more specific courses usually serve to offset fines or jail time that may be reduced or eliminated upon passing the course. Mandatory courses usually cost $100 or more.

How to Find a New Jersey Traffic School

Visit the MVC

The MVC in your city or area is the best place to begin your search for a traffic school in New Jersey. Each MVC branch office maintains a list of traffic schools in the area, so this will help you to find a program that is local and convenient to your schedule. The courses that the MVC suggests are always approved by the state. This means that you can freely enroll in one of those programs without worrying about whether it will apply for reduction of your driving record points or other concerns.

Look for Online Courses

An alternative to standard and in-person traffic school programs is an online course. These classes are offered through the Internet and can be completed from any location and on a flexible schedule. Check in with your insurance company and the MVC in your area to determine whether or not a particular online course will apply for discounts or driving record bonuses.

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