Approved Virginia Defensive Driving Course Locations

March 6, 2012

There are at least 8 statewide programs and institutions for taking a Virginia defensive driving course, most ranging between $55 and $75.

The purpose of a Virginia defensive driving course is to help you avoid getting into dangerous auto collisions. The classes are typically priced at $75 or less for an eight-hour course. Since courses are offered all over the state, it's easy to find a defensive driving school near you. If you currently don't have a moving traffic violation and still want to attend traffic school, you may be awarded five safe driving points. You can use these points towards future traffic violations.

The following are some of the well-known DMV-approved defensive driving schools in Virginia:

  • A Safe Driver Program. Priced at $55 to $65, A Safe Driver Program offers driver improvement classes that teach defensive driving skills and auto collision avoidance. Locations in Falls Church and Fairfax, VA
  • ADA Driver Improvement. Located in northern Virginia, the ADA Driver Improvement program offers Safe Driving Points for the completion of their courses and will let the DMV know about your participation electronically. Although they don't provide courses online, ADA Driver Improvement does allow students to take their final exam online. Locations in Alexandria, Ashburn/Dulles, Chantilly, Dulles/Sterling, Fairfax/Fair Oaks, Leesburg, Lorton, Manassas, Purcelville, Springfield, and Vienna/Falls Church, VA
  • Blessed Driving School. The Blessed Driving School is a faith-based company that offers "spirit filled" and "fun" defensive driving courses that focus on kindness, alertness and patience. Locations in Ashland, Richmond, Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, and Alexandria, VA
  • "A"-Plus Driver Improvement School. Offering defensive driving courses in hotel ballrooms, the "A"-Plus Driver Improvement School provides classes that engage the participants in conversations about increased awareness on the road and safe driving techniques. Locations in Midlothian, Glen Allen, Sandston, Charlottesville, Alexandria, Lynchburg, Rocky Mount, and Newport News, VA
  • Dominion Driver Improvement Program. Also providing defensive driving courses at hotels, the Dominion Driver Improvement Program has been offering classes since 1964 and advertises a high success rate in terms of reducing the number and severity of collisions. This program has been certified by the National Safety Council. Locations in Alexandria, Arlington, Ashburn, Centreville, Chantilly, Dulles, Fairfax, Gainesville, Herndon, Manassas, Springfield, and Vienna, VA
  • Driver Improvement Program. The Driver Improvement Program offers defensive driving courses that are taught at schools, hotels and hospitals throughout the state. The program is certified by AAA and uses Power Point slides to deliver an animated presentation. Locations in Farmville, Blackstone, South Boston, Midlothian, South Hill, Richmond, Mechanicsville, Colonial Heights, and Victoria, VA
  • 5 Safe Points Driving School. Offering classes at $65 to $75, 5 Safe Points Driving School offers convenient classes every day of the week. The defensive driving programs are taught in community colleges and hotel ballrooms. Locations Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Williamsburg, and Portsmouth, VA
  • Arrive Alive Driving School Academy. The Arrive Alive Driving School Academy offers defensive driving courses taught by instructors certified by the American Automobile Association who use the association's curriculum. Most of the classes are taught on the weekend at local community colleges. Locations in Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach , Suffolk , Smithfield, Isle of White, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, York County, and Gloucester, VA

Most Virginia defensive driving schools are open to people of all ages that have a driver's license. Those under the age of 20, however, must take the course in a classroom.

Virginia Traffic School: Rules, Requirements and Guidelines

Motorists have to fulfill several requirements for attending Virginia traffic school. Individuals who commit minor traffic violations are required by the state of Virginia to attend a traffic school. This helps to promote defensive and safe driving and also prevents the violation from affecting their driving record.

There are several state sponsored and DMV approved traffic schools in Virginia that offer the traffic school course. Motorists can complete this program to add safety driving points on their Virginia driver's license, and acquire insurance discounts as well. If you have committed a violation, the state of Virginia allows the traffic citation to be continued for 90 days to allow you to complete the traffic school course and have the citation dismissed.

Requirements for Attending a Virginia Traffic School:

  • A non-refundable administration fee as well as the violation bail has to be paid to the Court
  • You must select the school from a list of schools provided by the Court
  • You must contact the chosen school within two weeks, and register for the course after paying the registration fee
  • The course has to be successfully completed
  • You must ensure the Certificate of Completion is obtained from the school
  • The Certificate of Completion must be delivered to the court before the completion date
  • These requirements have to be completed within 90 days of the citation. Failure to do so means that the fees paid to the court are converted to bail and forfeited. In addition, the traffic violations are reported to the DMV and your insurance as a conviction

How to Apply for Virginia Online Traffic School

Online traffic school is a popular option for improving your insurance situation, getting more skills for the road ahead, or complying with a court ordered driver's education program. Those who have marks on their Virginia driving record or need more instruction about traffic processes in the state can stay close to home and select online courses that will fulfill the requirements for their specific situations.

For those applying to these Internet options for driver's education in Virginia, a few handy steps can help ensure the online traffic school matches the need for a particular student.

  • Locate Virginia online traffic school options. Find online traffic schools in the state of Virginia that are legitimately accredited to handle driver's education. You can find these types of schools from the Virginia DMV site or other similar online resources
  • Browse the school's website. When you find an online traffic school that appears to be Virginia state approved, find out more from the web site of the driver's ed company. Look for proof of state approval, as well as any certifications that a course or school offers. Also look at time frames, course requirements and fees
  • Match the school to the legal requirements. Some types of traffic offenses in the state of Virginia will result in a court order for driver's education. Some of these have special characteristics. If, for example, a driver is cited for cell phone use, the court may order a specific cell phone user's education class. The same applies to a DUI/DWI or other offense. See how the online courses that are offered by the school matches the Virginia court order. The state of Virginia also mandates driver's education for all drivers under 19 and most new drivers of any age. Look for beginner's programs that will fulfill state DMV requirements
  • Fill out all applicable information. Fill out all personal information that is needed for the application process, with an eye toward your own privacy. Schools that ask for too much personal information may be illegitimate scam sites. Do the research to make sure you're dealing with a competent and credible driver's education program
  • Get contact information. After filling out the required forms, make sure you have contact information in case the school does not contact you. Wait a few days before submitting a request for more information. If you don't hear from the school, call to make sure they have received your application

How to Find a Virginia Traffic School

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles website is a good source of information about the driver's point system, Virginia traffic options and driver's education. To find a reputed driving school in Virginia you should follow certain guidelines.

  • First visit the Virginia DMV website to find out more information about court approved and certified traffic schools
  • If you wish to complete a driver improvement course for reasons other than dismissal of traffic violations, you may prefer to attend an official DMV certified course called a driver improvement clinic. You may use this course to obtain low insurance rates. However, it's important to call your insurance company before attending this course to find out if you qualify for lower rates upon course completion
  • If you're ordered to attend a driver improvement course for a traffic violation, you should contact the court to find out if you can complete an online course or if the classroom course is mandatory. Drivers under the age of 20 have to complete an eight hour classroom course within a 90 day period, for dismissal of violations
  • Alternatively, drivers over 20 years of age may be eligible to take the driver improvement course online. However, if you have a moving traffic violation, and are asked by the court, to attend a driver improvement clinic, you should confirm if you qualify to take the course online
  • Although the course may be completed on the computer, applicants have to attend the final exam in person at a centralized test site. To find test site locations, visit the Virginia DMV website
  • Apart from the driver improvement clinic, the DMV traffic school offers a traffic course designed for mature drivers. This course is known as the Grand Driver Program. For detailed information visit the Virginia Grand Driver website