Frequently Asked Questions on SRS Airbags

January 27, 2012

SRS airbags are commonly used in vehicles throughout the United States and are increasingly found in cars made outside of the U.S. as well. Still, many people have questions about the SRS airbag system or the SRS airbag light, amongst other things.

Number 1 -- How are SRS Airbags Different From Regular Airbags?

SRS airbags have a supplemental restraint system that helps to activate the airbags in the event of an accident. They have more advanced sensors and other functions to do this.

Number 2 -- Are SRS Airbags Safer or more Expensive than Regular Airbags?

SRS airbags may be slightly more expensive than regular airbags. However, the circumstances of the airbag deploying are much more important to the overall safety of the situation than the type of airbag that you use.

Number 3 -- Which Vehicles Have SRS Airbags?

A large number of American-made vehicles are outfitted with SRS airbags upon manufacture. These include Ford vehicles and many other types of cars as well. For more information about whether a particular car you're looking at has SRS airbags, ask a dealer or visit the company website for the manufacturer.

SRS airbags are one of many important tools you have as a driver to protect yourself, and the people in your vehicle who ride with you. Take it upon yourself to learn about how these airbags work, to ensure yours are always functional and ready to help protect should the need arise. If you have questions, ask a mechanic or an airbag repair service.

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