How Long does It Take to Complete Auto Driving School

January 27, 2012

Learning how to drive from an auto driving school is generally considered to be the best way to get hands on experience with the car's controls and mechanisms. There are many such institutions meeting the demands of the people eager to learn. The total duration of learning totally depends upon the capabilities of the individual and varies from person to person. There are different courses designed to meet the specific needs of all.

Short Term Schools

The short term schools are for those who are in a hurry to learn the art of driving. These schools provide intensive driving classes for fewer days but longer hours. Most of the schools undertaking this kind of course try to increase the total behind-the-wheel experience of the learner to the maximum amount possible. Since there are a lot of things to learn, the duration is for about a week. In the first half, the basics are learned along with the gear shift mechanism and the controls of indicators etc. In the second half, a revision of the former items is done along with practice of complicated turns and reverse actions.

It is not preferred to undergo such short courses as lack of driving experience can lead to accidents. This technique should only be adopted if the person only wants to learn the skill and will sit behind the wheel only on rare occasions. Other people who opt for such schooling are those who have not driven for long and want to get in touch with driving again.

Long Term Schools

These schools are for those who have time to dedicate towards driving and want to become seasoned drivers. This method allows for people to take longer lessons over several weeks. Due to the longer periods, more experience can be gained and the techniques can be perfected. With the increased exposure to the learning mechanism, a clutch / brake / accelerator mechanism can be re-tried again and again along with the hand eye coordination.

A majority of the schools prefer to provide this type of learning for a better learning experience and it is also the most advised form of learning.

Online Schools:

Online schools are for those who prefer to undertake the training on their own. The websites provide all the important instructions along with the safety mechanisms to be incorporated. People opting for such lesions are either drivers who have lost touch or those who have someone at home to assist them with the practical lesions. There is no specific duration for such courses as it depends on how much the student wants to learn. They can the course get over in a day if so desired.

Some of the schools provide the benefit of providing a driver’s license test for their students. They enroll the students to sit for the written examination which checks their knowledge of the various road signs and rules to be followed while driving. Once this test is cleared, they are taken for a practical test in which an instructor occupies the adjacent seat to evaluate the driving capabilities. Only when both the tests are cleared does the student get the license.

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