How to Get a Discount at a Sears Driving School

January 4, 2016

The Sears Driving School is routinely one of the best deals you can find on driving schools in the several states in which the program is offered. Although this particular driving school is only associated with Sears department stores in Minnesota, Texas, Washington state, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio and Wisconsin, it is nonetheless one of the most popular choices for teen driver education programs in the country. Considering the excellent value for the cost of the program, the convenient locations of courses (oftentimes held inside of Sears stores), and the seasonal sales offers that help to decrease the price of the driving school programs, it's easy to understand why Sears' courses are some of the most popular in existence today.

Discounts for Sears Members
One of the easiest ways to get a significant discount on the cost of registering for a Sears Driving School program in your area is to become a member of Sears Department Store. Visit a Sears store near you and inquire within about becoming a Sears member. Typically, members receive discounts on purchases made within the store as well, so you may find that becoming a member helps you in other ways too. Once you've become a member, consult with representatives at the store who are in charge of the driving school program for additional information about discounts.

Coupons and Other Offers
Sears occasionally offers coupons and other discount offers that help to reduce the cost of driving school. These often run during the summer, when students are out of school and have more free time to enroll in a course. Watch your local paper for additional information, as the store often runs advertisements there.

You may also wish to keep in touch with your local DMV office branch for further information. The DMV maintains lists of driving schools in the area, and they are also sometimes aware of discounts and other rebates available through various programs, including the Sears driving school courses in your location.

Average Cost of Sears Driving School

With about 80 locations across seven states, Sears driving school is a well known and trusted company that meets all of its resident states' requirements in teaching you what you need to know in order to get your driver's license. While the cost per lesson varies from state to state, location to location, they're still all similarly priced.

Teen Drivers
Every state requires different types and amounts of training for new drivers. Michigan, for example, requires a two-segment training course. Segment one includes 24 hours of classroom and six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction. After the student has held their level-one license for at least three months and has logged at least 30 hours of supervised practice, including two hours of night driving, they are eligible for the six hours of classroom instruction that comprises segment two. The average cost for both segments is about $335. The average cost for teens getting their license for the first time in Ohio is $295, $380 in Texas, around $330 in Wisconsin, and $384 in Minnesota. Two hour single sessions are also available for teens preparing to take their Minnesota Drivers Test. Three of these sessions are required prior to taking the test, and the cost per lesson is $140.

Adult Lessons
Several locations offer adult driver education as well. In Minnesota, the average cost for a new driver over the age of 18 is $140, $96 in Texas, and in Ohio the cost is only $50. Several Ohio locations also offer traffic school for DUI or Underage DUI. This eight-hour course fulfills the court requirements for these offenses and costs $100.

By going to their website, you can enroll in any of their courses anytime online or by calling the phone number listed during business hours. After entering your information, they will contact you to confirm enrollment and answer any questions within one or two business days.

How to Find a Sears Driving School Near You

If you live near to a Sears department store, you're likely to be able to find a Sears Driving School course within a short drive of your home. This will help you to save gas and money when you're completing the course in a convenient location.

Visit Sears Directly
Because most Sears Driving School courses are sponsored by Sears department stores and are even held inside of, or close by a Sears branch, you may find that the easiest way to learn about these opportunities is by visiting the closest Sears chain store. You can then inquire about the possibility of enrolling in a Sears Driving School program from there.

You may find it's more convenient for you to visit the Sears website to inquire about the driving school. Simply navigate to the Sears department store website and look for more information about the Sears Driving School.

Contacting the Driving School
The Sears Driving School website is another excellent resource for learning about programs that are offered near you. If you live in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Texas, Minnesota, New Jersey or Washington state, you're likely to find a program within your area. According to the Sears Driving School website, locations are offered currently in 50 different cities within those states. Contact the school directly via phone or email if you have more specific questions relating to your situation or location.

If you live in another state, or if the Sears Driving Schools in your state are not close enough to you to be a convenient option, consider contacting the DMV office branch in your area for additional assistance in finding a traffic school. The Sears program is similar to many other traffic schools that exist throughout the country, and you're likely to find some programs conveniently located for you. These programs, like the Sears Driving School courses, are fully recognized by the DMV and will count toward required programs that you have to take as a result of committing a traffic violation--if that is your situation. Most of these programs will also help to lower your insurance rates, depending upon your provider.

Related Questions and Answers

What is the Average Price for the Sears Driving School Program?

If you are looking for an affordable driving school for yourself or for your teen driver, then look into the lessons provided by Sears and their Sears driving school prices. The average price of a Sears driving school lesson can range from $250-$400. There are approximately 80 locations spread across seven states. The lessons include 24 hours of classroom instruction and six hours of behind the wheel instruction with a licensed and trained instructor. The price varies depending on which state the lessons are taken in and what Sears has determined the pricing of the lessons will be in that specific state.

Is there a Senior Citizens Discount at the Sears Authorized Driving School Program?

A Sears authorized driving school can be found in 80 locations across seven states in the country. Should senior citizens need to take driving lessons either in the classroom or behind the wheel they can find a Sears authorized driving school near them. Not all Sears authorized driving schools will offer senior citizens discounts on their driving lessons. Not every Sears needs to provide senior citizens, or other drivers, with discounts for their driving lessons. It is up to each individual Sears authorized driving school center to determine whether or not they offer senior citizens and other drivers discounts for their lessons.