How to Get a Discount at an ABC Driving School

February 16, 2012

ABC Driving School offers up to half a dozen options for tuition discounts. Learn about discount options, and the advantages and disadvantages of ABC.

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The ABC Driving School is one of the most reputable driving instruction courses in the country. They have worked with teenagers getting their license for the first time, adults who need a refresher course and people mandated by the courts to take a defensive driving or DUI course. Their flexible study programs, both online and offline, competitive prices and updated resources and study materials create an effective learning atmosphere. Many discounts are available to help pay for driving school.

  • Individual driving schools.There are many different ABC driving schools located throughout the country. Many states have several of these schools within driving distance. Check with each one of them and see what types of discounts are available at the time
  • Online options.To get the best discount possible, check online for the most recent and deepest discounts. ABC driving school has different websites and options for each state
  • Good driving records.For those enrolling in driving school for a refresher course, a good driving record will lead to a discount on the cost of the course. Request a copy of your driving record, and your insurance record, to show proof as you are enrolling
  • Joshua's Law discount.Joshua's Law is a Senate-enacted law that recognizes the need to better prepare teens to drive motor vehicles on the road. ABC driving schools offer free basic instruction for teenagers under 18. This does not include any driving time, only classroom instruction online
  • Military discount.ABC driving schools offer discounts to those who are actively involved in the military, or are children of those who have served or are currently serving. This discount can be up to 35 percent depending on the state where you're taking the class
  • Block lesson discounts.Another way to get a discount through an ABC driving school is to pay for a block of lessons. This means that you will pay for 10 lessons, at which point you will receive one free. You may also be able to negotiate a certain amount of practice driving time for free if you pay for a block of lessons
  • Advance payment discounts.Securing the best discount can also happen when you pay for the entire course up front instead of in installments. Many places offer steep discounts when they get their money at the beginning of the class. If you can afford it, this is the best way to pay for your driving instruction. If it costs $450 for the course, you can get a $75 instant savings and only have to pay $375 when you apply
  • Insurance discount. At the successful completion of your ABC driving school, many insurance companies will offer a discount on a policy. The discount will also depend on the grades you received during the class, and in some instances, a recommendation from the instructor

Advantages and Disadvantages of Going to an ABC Driving School


  • The best instructors.At an ABC Driving School, you are taught by the best and most competent instructors, knowledgeable about safe driving and the rules and regulations applicable in your state. It's preferable to attend the school rather than learn from your peers, as you may pick up incorrect information, unsafe driving habits and false confidence in your driving ability. A qualified instructor is objective, gives you valuable advice on many driving maneuvers and teaches you updated traffic laws and road safety precautions. You are, thus, prepared not only for safe driving, but also road and traffic responsibility
  • New cars.You are able to take driving instructions on the newest cars and you come away with a better driving experience as you not only have the best instructors, but the best cars for practice
  • Discounts on auto insurance.Insurance costs for teenage drivers are very high. However, you can save on high insurance costs by enrolling in a driving school of repute such as the ABC Driving School. This is because insurance companies see new drivers as a lesser risk if they are taught driving from such schools
  • Honest assessment.You can be sure of getting an honest assessment from a professional instructor. Your instructor will accurately identify areas and skills that need improvement and help you eliminate any bad habits. The school provides systematic and structured training that builds up your skills and confidence gradually
  • Wide choice of locations.ABC Driving School has branches in various locations, so you can enroll at a branch that is geographically convenient to you
  • Mock drivers exam. The school holds mock drivers exams to prepare you to take the driving test and also refresh your driving knowledge. Your instructor will only allow you to apply for the test once you are ready for it


  • Expense.The ABC Driving School is relatively more expensive than other driving schools and this can be a limitation to many students
  • Heavily booked. You have to be prepared to wait a long time as the classes are heavily booked. You might have a long wait for your driving lessons as the instructors are busy, and hence there might be a delay in obtaining your driver's license. Classes are sometimes so highly booked that you might not be able to enroll

The ABC Driving School maintains a high standard of instruction since it has many years of combined staff experience. Attending the school will give you the requisite driving skills and confidence to enable you to become a safe and responsible driver.

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