How to Install Passenger Airbags

January 27, 2012

Passenger airbags are known to help immensely when car accidents happen. Airbags can save lives and prevent a tremendous amount of damage done to your body. Sometimes when your car doesn’t have an airbag, it is dangerous. Accidents can happen at any point in time, and are by nature unpredictable. It is always prudent to be as safe as possible. This means installing airbags into both the passenger seat and the driver’s side. It is also possible to install airbags into the doors. There are four different steps to perform when installing airbags into the passenger side of your car. Why not keep both you and your companion safe? Disconnecting, checking, installing and finishing up are the only steps that you need to do in order to install an airbag into the passenger side of your car.


Always remember to turn off the battery and disconnect the negative cable on the car battery. If this isn’t done, something dangerous could happen. It is always best to disconnect the negative cable on the car battery. Wait ten minutes, because that is how long it takes for the airbag’s control module to discharge. When it is discharged, locate the airbag fuses and disconnect them. In your car’s owner’s manual, it will tell you where the airbag fuses are.


Before installing anything, check to make sure your car has a steering column that collapses. Usually, you can find it between the back of the steering wheel and the plastic covering of the steering column. Make sure the steering column is not damaged. If it is, you will need to replace it. Next, check the clock spring. The clock spring is the connector where the airbag is plugged in.


To replace the passenger’s side airbag, unscrew all of the bolts that are used to hold the main dash panels or glove box. Slide this out and unplug the old airbag. When you have finished taking out the old passenger side airbag, wire the new airbag into the plug and replace the glove box or dash panels with the bolts screwed in.


Now that you have installed the passenger side airbag, it is safe for you to hook up the air bag fuses. You can also hook up the car battery’s negative cable and turn the car battery back on.

It is simple and easy to replace a passenger’s side airbag. Once that is completed, you may even be able to replace side door airbags for enhanced safety. It is only a different rendition of disconnecting, checking, installing and finishing.

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