Understanding When You Can and Can't Go to Traffic School

January 27, 2012

Some people go to traffic school because they were ordered to do so by the courts. Others go to traffic school because they want to reduce the number of points they have logged against their driver's license, and others attend driving school because they want to try to get better rates on their auto insurance. A lower driving record will allow insurance companies to give better auto insurance rates to those who successfully complete driving school requirements.

Reasons for Disqualification from Traffic School

  • You have received a DUI
  • If you already attended a traffic school in the last year to 18 months
  • Committing a serious driving offense (any type of offense considered a felony)
  • The local court has restricted you from attending (typically because of impending jail time)
  • If you had a prior offence (within the last 12 months) that was not dismissed in court

When You Can Attend Traffic School

  • If you have not attended traffic school within the last 12 to 18 months (time is locality dependent)
  • If you did not commit a serious offense (misdemeanor)
  • To remove the effects of a traffic ticket from your driving record
  • If your license has been suspended, you can only attend a 12 hour traffic school
  • If you need a hardship license for work, you can only attend a 12 hour traffic school
  • If you desire reinstatement of full driving privileges, you can only attend a 12 hour traffic school

A lower driving record can save you money in auto insurance rates. However, there are some instances when a driver cannot attend a traffic school. Verify with your local court to see if your situation is included.