What Makes a Car Skid?

February 21, 2012

A few commonsense guidelines are all you need to follow to prevent a dangerous car skid.

Tire Tracks From a Car Skid

A car skid can be extremely dangerous and has led to many accidents and deaths. Most of the time cars skid when the roads are slippery or icy. When roads have a slick surface, there is less friction between the tires and the road. This causes less traction for the tires and it is easier for them to lose control. It is not impossible to skid on dry surfaces. Going around a curve too fast can cause your car to skid as you try to maneuver your way through the turn. As you try to correct the vehicle, the back wheels to react quicker than the front. Your car will skid instead of correcting itself.

Before you go around a turn, you should prepare for it. Start braking to slow down before the turn. This will enable you to coast during the turn. About halfway through the turn, start to accelerate. If you accelerate too early, you can begin to skid.

Another cause of skidding is poor tires. The tires may be bald or may be losing their tread. This will also reduce traction, and can cause skidding. If you brake very hard and suddenly, this can cause your tires to lock up, which will also cause a skid. Overall, there are many causes of skidding, but most of them can be avoided by safe driving.

How to Prevent and Control Car Skidding

Whatever the reason for a skid, there are ways to prevent skidding, as well as control your skidding while it happens.

Newer cars have anti-skidding technologies installed, such as anti lock brakes and stability control. This computer system will help steer your car in the event of a skid by applying the brakes to some wheels and sending power to others. Here are some tips about skidding cars.

Slow Down
If the weather causes the road to be dangerous and slippery, slowing down is the smartest move. The faster you go on a slippery road, the more likely you are to slip and skid. Concentration is key during bad weather, so a slower speed will enable you to focus more on the road.

Control Your Steering
If you get into a skid, stay calm. It may seem scary, but there are ways to fix your skidding safely. Steer your car in the direction of the skid. At first glance, this may seem like the opposite of what you want to do, but it will help you regain control.

Ease off the Accelerator
Remove your foot gently off of the accelerator as you steer in the direction of the skid. Do not press firmly on either the brake or the gas. Doing so will only make matters worse and can cause a total loss of control.

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